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November 11, 2013

Servergy Raises $20M to Launch New Class of Servers

DALLAS, Tex., Nov. 11 — Cleantech IT innovations company Servergy, Inc. announced today it has raised $20 million in funding for the Q4 commercial launch of its groundbreaking new class of Cleantech Servers. The private funding subscription was offered to accredited investors by The Williams Financial Group.

“Williams Financial Group is extremely pleased to have participated in Servergy’s Series-C round and believes the company is well on its way to deliver on its vision of high-performance, low power and extreme I/O density to the server industry,” said David Williams, president of Williams Financial Group. “We are happy to have been able to offer clients such a unique investment opportunity that addresses the rapidly increasing needs of the technology sector for hyper-efficient servers. We look forward to the continued relationship.”

These funds have allowed Servergy to put in place the infrastructure and personnel needed to drive the sales strategies and engineering completion for its new hyper-efficient Cleantech Servers that are built in the USA. Engineered using Servergy’s patented Cleantech ArchitectureCleantech Servers are ideally suited as a clean and green high-density, high I/O accelerator for I/O intensive workloads, such as big data, the cloud, caching and storage applications.

The recently launched Servergy CTS-1000 server, the first in the Cleantech Server line, delivers an industry-leading performance-per-watt PowerLinux server that uses under 130 Watts at full load and literally pays for itself by reducing energy, cooling, space, weight, water and carbon footprints by up to 80 percent or more. The server also increases I/O and compute density up to 16 times compared to traditional server technology.

“We feel blessed by the strong confidence the investment community and market has shown in Servergy and our breakthrough new class of servers,” said Bill Mapp, Servergy chairman and CEO. “We have our patents in place and a top-notch team of professionals on board. Together with our top global partners, we look forward to launching our new Cleantech Server line that helps solve some of the toughest power, real estate and cost challenges faced by data centers and companies who are grappling with the explosion of big data, cloud, caching and storage applications, globally.”

The launch of the Cleantech Server line initial product, the CTS-1000, was recently announced at IBM Enterprise 2013 in Orlando, Florida. The company is accepting pre-orders for expected delivery beginning in late 4Q 2013. Servergy is an IBM Business Partner that has created an entirely new class of clean and green PowerLinux servers.

About Servergy

Servergy is a Cleantech IT innovations company that has created an exciting new class of hyper-efficient, high-performance PowerLinuxCleantech Servers, based on its patented new Cleantech Architecture. Servergy is focused on developing clean and green data center technologies that save power, space and offer highly scalable, high density, high I/O solutions for global data centers dealing with the challenges of the cloud, big data, caching and distributed storage applications. Servergy is backed by a rapidly growing partner list of top companies around the globe. Servergy’s headquarters and Innovations Lab are located in Dallas, Texas. Visit Servergy at or @Servergy.


Source: Servergy

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