Speakers Announced for EnterpriseHPC’14 Summit

August 18, 2014

CARLSBAD, Calif., Aug. 18 — The EnterpriseHPC’14 summit, the world’s first live event dedicated to exploring the emergence of advanced scale enterprise computing, today announced the line-up of speakers for the program, including keynotes Vince Gennaro, President of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR), Ren Wu, Distinguished Scientist, Baidu IDL, Pete Ungaro, CEO of Cray, Inc., and Paul Bloch, President & Co-founder of DataDirect Networks, Inc.

The summit takes place September 7-9, 2014 in Carlsbad, CA, and is dedicated to networking and knowledge building for solutions seekers in commercial enterprises (Fortune 2500) who are exploring the challenges and benefits of scaling their enterprise computing to meet the production opportunities and challenges in the big data era. Conference expenses are fully paid for qualified attendees, including flight, hotel, meals, and summit badge. Requests for invitations to the event can be made online at www.EnterpriseHPC.com.

The unique conference program will engage users of advanced commercial computing through a broad spectrum of peer-to-peer interaction, including informational sessions, board room style peer discussions, and one-on-one solution sessions with leading solution providers. The educational program is driven by the program co-chairs, Nicole Hemsoth, Editor of HPCwire and Editorial Director for TCI, and Timothy Prickett Morgan, Editor of EnterpriseTech.

Keynote Sessions Include:

“One Part Moneyball – Two Parts Netflix: The Big Data Approach to Baseball Analytics”
Speaker: Vince Gennaro, President, Society for American Baseball Research (SABR)

Vince Gennaro’s talk will focus on how advanced computing technologies and innovative analytic applications are revolutionizing the way baseball teams operate. The perfect storm of new technologies, massive, low-cost storage, and an explosion of available data are the impetus for this dynamic change in today’s sports industry. Since Moneyball was published in 2003, we have seen a fifty-fold increase in the amount of baseball data available. As revolutionary as Moneyball was, the story chronicled the analysis of the Oakland A’s, at a time when they operated with only 2% of the data available today. What are some innovative examples of use cases that are on today’s leading edge? What are the computing challenges they are they facing, and how might these challenges give enterprises embarking on the advanced computing path a roadmap for their own future?

Vince Gennaro is the president of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) and the Director of the Graduate Sports Management Program at Columbia University, where he is also a faculty member. He is also a consultant to professional sports teams and one of the leading practitioners in rapidly growing field of sports analytics. This follows a 20-year career at PepsiCo, where he was President of a billion dollar division. Earlier in his career he owned and operated a pro sports franchise.

“HPC – Turning Big Data Into Deep Insight”
Speaker: Ren Wu, Distinguished Scientist, Baidu IDL

The rise of the internet, especially mobile internet, has accelerated the data explosion. Big data is a driving force for the great success of deep learning in recent years. Behind the scenes however, the heterogeneous high-performance computing is another key enabler of that success. In this talk, Dr. Ren Wu, distinguished scientist at Baidu Research, will share some of work he and his team have been doing at Baidu. He will highlight how big data, deep analytics and high-performance heterogeneous computing can work together with great success.

Often cited as the “Google of Asia”, Baidu’s operations require both massive, hyperscale web servers as well as more sophisticated high performance computing technologies. In his years managing cutting-edge R&D to blend both of those worlds, Dr. Ren Wu has specialized in making HPC investments to improve Baidu’s ability to deliver unprecedented services (some of which he’ll highlight in this talk) and seeing the direct ROI of investing the time and resources into technologies that sit at the edge of high-end technology.

“The Fusion of Supercomputing and Big Data”
Speaker: Peter Ungaro, CEO, Cray Inc.

The explosion of available data along with advances in supercomputing, big data and analytics are changing the computing landscape. Supercomputing has been about getting the highest performance and most realistic simulations possible on “basketball court-sized” tightly integrated systems for scalability and usability. Large Scale data analytics is about getting knowledge out of immense amounts of data on “warehouse-sized”, low-cost commodity and cloud-based systems. In this talk, we will examine whether the technologies and systems used to solve these problems are diverging or converging over time and how changes in system architecture and a more holistic approach can change the game for how companies process data and discover new insights in the future. Peter Ungaro serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Cray, Inc.

“Using HPC Methodologies to Maximize Value and Profits in Enterprise Big Data”
Speaker: Paul Bloch, President & Co-founder, DataDirect Networks

The overlap of Traditional and Enterprise HPC has always been fertile ground for innovation. In the past few years however, the recognized business value of HPC technology in the Enterprise has been rapidly accelerating as it is used to deliver competitive advantage in a wide range of business-to-business and consumer markets where traditional Enterprise infrastructure cannot. Top commercial entities in markets like Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Life Sciences and Financial Services know that the speed of time to market, and accelerated time to results, help them differentiate in a very competitive market. Many have brought HPC in-house on a permanent basis for Big Data analytics, Cloud Storage and content collaboration. In this talk we will highlight some shining examples of HPC/Enterprise cooperation and look at how some Enterprise players are leading the Commercial HPC revolution.

Other Speakers, Panelists, & Moderators Include:

  • Jack Collins, Director, Advanced Biomedical Computing Center, National Cancer Institute
  • Donour Sizemore, Programmer with Two Sigma Investments; Formerly Director of Trackside Systems with NASCAR’s Michael Waltrip Racing
  • Merle Giles, Director of Economic Impact and Private Sector Programs, National Center for Supercomputing Applications
  • Addison Snell, CEO, Intersect360 Research
  • James Lowey, VP of Technology, TGen
  • Ron Van Holst, Director, Ontario Centres of Excellence
  • Kevin Franklin, Executive Director, I-CHASS
  • Ron Hawkins, Director of Industry Relations, SDSC
  • Andrew Jones, Vice President HPC Business, NAG Group
  • Brian Kucic, Principal, Founder, R Systems, Inc.
  • Tom Tabor, CEO, Tabor Communications
  • Timothy Prickett Morgan, Editor, EnterpriseTech (Conference Co-Chair)
  • Nicole Hemsoth, Editor, EnterpriseTech (Conference Co-Chair)
  • Alex Woodie, Editor, Datanami
  • Tiffany Trader, Senior Associate Editor, HPCwire
  • More to follow…

Hosted by Tabor Communications Inc. (TCI) online news centers EnterpriseTech (www.EnterpriseTech.Com), HPCwire (www.HPCwire) and the leader of host based invitation-only business events, nGage Events, the EnterpriseHPC’14 summit will provide a forum for leaders across the spectrum of commercial industries to engage information and networking sessions that advance their ability to solve complex challenges including:

  • Overcoming datacenter capability and capacity limits
  • Understanding how advanced systems are built and operate
  • Augmenting existing environments to scale larger and last longer
  • Understanding what the state-of-the-art technologies are available to help the company to solve its computing challenges
  • Pushing the envelope in solving company problems

To ensure that EnterpriseHPC’14 offers the highest degree of relevancy for attendees, only senior executives responsible for purchasing or technology implementation of advanced computing are considered for attendance. For more information, or to request an invitation this all-expense paid event, visit the website at www.EnterpriseHPC.com.

Click here to view the full EnterpriseHPC’14 Summit Agenda

Source: Tabor Communications Inc.

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