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December 12, 2013

Top Supercomputers of India List Released

Dec. 12 — The 11th bi-annual top supercomputers of India list has been released in time for the HiPC conference. Modeled along the Top500 global ranking of supercomputers, this list assembled by SERC, Indian Institute of Science, captures the state of the art HPC systems in use within India.

The December, 2013 list features 33 systems of which 12 also appear in the most recent Top 500 list. The IBM iDataPlex machine at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology continues to lead the rankings at 719 TFlops (#44 in Top500). We have witnessed a steady growth in the combined performance, with the current list aggregating to 3 Petaflops. Bangalore, HP and Intel Xeon processors continue to lead in the rankings, with 8 of the systems (24%) having GPGPUs.

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Source: SERC

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