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November 27, 2013

The UberCloud Receives Top Honors in 2013 HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards

DENVER, Nov. 27 — The UberCloud has received top honors in the 2013 HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards for Best Use of HPC in the Cloud. HPCwire announced the award winners at the start of the Opening Reception at the 2013 International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC13), in Denver, Colorado. A complete list of award winners is available on the website.

Tom Tabor presenting the award to UberCloud HPC Co-Founder Wolfgang Gentzsch and Intel’s GM for HPC Stephen Wheat

“The motivation for the UberCloud HPC Experiment came from a series of conversations we had mid of last year,” said co-founders Wolfgang Gentzsch and Burak Yenier. “We wanted to better understand the validity of perceived problems of running HPC in the Cloud, including security, unpredictable costs, ease of use, software licensing, and application performance. As of today, over 700 organizations in 64 countries joined the experiment, and we were able so far to build 120 teams exploring the end-to-end process of accessing and using cloud resources, each writing a case study at the end of their project. Receiving this prestigious HPC Readers’ Choice Award is a great honor for us and our UberCloud Community, and we are very grateful for all the support from our media sponsor Tabor Communications.”

The highly coveted HPCwire Readers’ Choice and Editors’ Choice Awards winners are selected by a polling of HPCwire’s global audience for the Readers’ Choice, combined with winners selected by a panel of editors, staff executives and HPC luminaries for the Editor’s Choice. The formal presentation of the awards takes place during the Supercomputing Conference each year, which focuses upon high performance computing, hardware, software, networking, storage, and scientific breakthroughs. Widely recognized as one of the most prestigious awards presented during the conference, the awards honor demonstrated excellence and outstanding technological advancements achieved by the HPC community.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to publically recognize the organizations and individuals who’s hard work, dedication, and efforts over the past year have contributed to scientific discoveries and new breakthroughs in emerging technologies that will benefit mankind,” said Tom Tabor, CEO of Tabor Communications Inc. “The awards represent the highest level of recognition given by the high performance computing community to it’s own for their contributions to the advancement of science and technology. Our warmest congratulations go out to all the recipients of this year’s awards.”

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About The UberCloud

UberCloud ( is the online community and marketplace for scientist and engineers. UberCloud’s award winning HPC Experiment service is a voluntary community initiative founded mid of 2012, providing a collaboration platform for engineers, scientists, and their HPC service providers, to jointly explore the end-to-end process of accessing and using HPC as a Service, in the Cloud. At the end of each experiment, team members write a use case study with benefits, challenges, lessons learned, and recommendations for the wider community. 25 of these case studies have been published in the UberCloud Compendium – sponsored by Intel – which can be downloaded from HPCwire.


Source: UberCloud

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