People to Watch 2011

HPCwire's People to Watch 2011

What a phenomenal decade it has been in our world of High Performance Computing. And when you think about it, the staggering technological advances being made in our lifetimes certainly would not have been achievable without the contributions of some truly amazing people. They are the movers and shakers, the leaders and drivers who not only set the standards of excellence with their contributions in HPC and to their communities, but who are fascinating people to watch as well.

These thought leaders from the academic, government, industrial and vendor communities comprise an elite group of individuals that we believe will impact and influence the future of High Performance Computing in 2011 and far beyond.

While we can’t acknowledge everyone who meets these criteria, the 2011 final selections were carefully made following discussions with the HPCwire editorial and publishing teams, guidance from past recipients, and with input from industry luminaries across the HPC community.

Keeping these thoughts in mind, on behalf of the entire HPCwire team, I am pleased to announce our 2011 People to Watch List. – Jeff Hyman, President and Publisher, HPCwire

SPECIAL PODCAST: HPCwire Soundbite: People to Watch 2011 – Addison and Michael are joined by HPCwire publisher Jeff Hyman to discuss the 2011 People to Watch awardees.


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