André Eriksen



André Eriksen

André Eriksen
CEO/Founder, Asetek

Advances in cooling technologies for high performance systems have made leaps and bounds, and liquid cooling has become one of the more interesting trends on the rise. One of the companies on the forefront of this is Asetek, whose founder André Eriksen has grown from a startup in his basement to a company on the stock exchange (ASETEK).

We asked André about the top 5 trends he sees as important for 2014.

Andre’s top 5:

1) Warm water component-level liquid cooling will take off in 2014. The density/performance benefit is obvious but even more importantly the very significant money saving we offer on the power bill is almost too good to be true. I refuse to believe organizations can keep the energy and water waste going when there are green and proven alternatives available. Just think about it – almost 50% of all power consumed today by data centers is waste and in addition you can look at the potential for re using the waste heat, which in essence is almost the same as cutting 75% of the current power consumption! Asetek has developed and patented a true disruptive technology and we are going to change the world – I am not in doubt!

2) Vertical scale-out (higher racks and higher rack density) will trump horizontal scale out due to TCO/Capex driving even greater need for effective cooling of 50kw+ racks

3) Big Data projects accelerate adoption of HPC technologies/programming models into Commercial Enterprise computing becoming a $20B+ “niche”

4) Wimpy Core based Hyperscale will continue to get press but be problematic due to overheads related to parallelism with wimpy cores (i.e. Amdahl’s law effect)

5) Movement from PUE to TUE (Total-power Usage Effectiveness) metric and metric driven changes as well as performance per Joule will improve

Andre says his personal interests include windsurfing, and anything with a motor:

“I grew up in Denmark skiing and I involved in moto-cross for 7-8 years. After founding Asetek I picked up my love on 4-wheel racing and started in go karts in the Nor-Cal Rotax Master series. When I do stuff I do it 100% and I practiced harder and more than anyone else and won the NorCal Rotax Master Championship in 2010 in my only 2nd year in a kart. The year after I clinched 4th place in the US Grand Nationals in the Rotax DD2 Masters 125cc shifter class.

After that I took a crazy move from go karts and directly into Formula Cars. That was a big step up but I got 4th in my first season and ended 2nd in the last two seasons of the Formula Car Challenge in the Pro Formula Mazda class. After doing a very successful IPO of Asetek last year, I decided to retire from the Formula Car Racing and focus on windsurfing and go karting.

I love and always loved anything with an engine – the bigger the better. Another big passion of mine is building custom Harley Davidson’s. Before becoming an engineer I studied and worked as a tool maker, so I still maintain my craftsman skills such as turning and milling by building cars and bikes.”

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