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Operating Europe’s largest data center campus, Advania Data Centers is no longer just a data center provider. In recent years it has built up one of Europe’s leading HPC solution portfolios, including the world’s most innovative, flexible and advanced HPC as a service (HPCaaS) offering — called HPCFLOW.

HPCFLOW is a purpose-built HPC cloud, engineered by experts for HPC professionals. Flexible, powerful and secure, HPCFLOW provides on-demand access to HPC resources, whenever needed. You pay only for what you use, whether for a dedicated cluster, peak-demand scaling cloud capabilities or a combination of the two. Advania Data Centers’ dedicated team of HPC engineers and architects is always on call to help provide you with deployment and operation, ensuring supercharged productivity 24/7 with no queues to execute HPC jobs. The result is maximum flexibility, reliability, security and scalability.

A key benefit of HPCFLOW is that it allows you to bring new HPC resources online using only operating expenses. This ensures that you can avoid the added time your organization may require to secure CAPEX budgetary line items – and can react nimbly to changing business needs in order to drive innovation to the next level.

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