Purpose-Built Liquid Cooling Quick Disconnect Couplings Enter the HPC Market

High-performance computing (HPC) is growing rapidly, and so is the number of heat-generating components these systems contain. As a result, HPC vendors and data center managers are looking to liquid cooling to meet their cooling needs. System suppliers are increasingly focused on purpose-built liquid cooling products and components for HPC. Among the most commonly used critical components in data centers today are quick disconnects (QDs). As a key component, QDs affect flow rates, and allow hot swapping of equipment in liquid-cooled racks if they have integrated stop-flow capabilities. CPC has developed pioneering QDs, specifically built for liquid cooling, to handle flow rates and related pressures associated with liquid cooling deployments in HPC. Options now also include thermoplastic connectors which are designed for their light weight and chemical compatibility. Cray Research is one of many HPC manufacturers to use CPC QDs with great success.

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