WekaIO: Redefining What Digitally Transforming Enterprises Should Expect from Unstructured Storage Platforms

As your company goes through a digital transformation, the fundamental way in which you store, manage, and analyze your unstructured data changes. Modern workloads analyze massive amounts of structured and unstructured data, part of which is stored on premises and part of which is stored in the cloud. Your ability to drive insight quickly from that data can be your competitive edge. To that end, the unstructured, digitized data needs the advantages of high throughput and low latency for its metadata-intensive operations, and traditional general purpose parallel file systems can’t meet these requirements.

In this report by IDC you’ll learn how WekaIO and its WekaFS platform help you to manage and operate unstructured data storage for your next-generation workloads. IDC reviewed Weka’s data management capabilities as well as its ability to scale, all while providing unparalleled performance and accelerating your time to insight.

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