Satoshi Matsuoka

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Satoshi Matsuoka

Satoshi Matsuoka
Professor of Computer Science
Tokyo Institute of Technology

As the tech lead for the TSUBAME supercomputer at Tokyo Tech, Satoshi became Japan’s leading proponent for using accelerator technology to provide cutting-edge computational performance. One of the first to jump on the GPGPU bandwagon, he believes the new graphics chips will usher in the era of commodity vector processing. For 2010 he is designing the GPU-accelerated TSUBAME2, which is on track to be the first multi-petaflop supercomputer in Japan.

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Satoshi Matsuoka is a professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology Global Scientific Information and Computing Center. Professor Matsuoka’s field of study is Computer Science. His research theme is “Object-Oriented Parallel Computing User interfaces Systems and Software Global Computing Environment”. Professor Matsuoka collaborative research the Lucie project, a turn-key network installer for large-scaled cluster: Commissioned research by the investment (2003-2006). His academic membership includes HPC Asia 2004 , IEEE Supercomputing, IEEE Computing Clusters and the Grid (CCGrid 2003) , ACM Object-Oriented Programming: Languages, Systems and Applications (OOPSLA 2002). In the past Professor Matsuoka received the following awards: 2006 The 28th Top500 “No.1 SuperComputer in Asia”, 2005 IEEE Supercomputing StorCloud Challenge ” Most Innovative Use of Storage In Support of Science ” Award , 2002 Computerworld Computing Honors Laureate , 2002 ACM Recognition of Service Award, 1995 Best Paper Award, IEEE Visual Languages Symposium.

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