Scaling HPC And AI from Edge to Core to Cloud

As we move into a new era of expanding applications and technology choices, the notion of scalability is changing. Enterprise workloads have evolved to include more types of scalable, high-performance applications. This proliferation of high-performance enterprise workloads has corresponded to a related expansion in the technology components to solve them. Complicating matters further, many applications are now leveraging data from the ever-expanding “edge.” Managing edge-to-core-to-cloud is a major initiative for enterprises implementing analytics and machine learning. That is where Bright Computing comes in. With a commercially-supported system management software spanning HPC, data analytics, and AI, Bright Computing is uniquely positioned to support organizations across high-performance segments. Bright Cluster Manager sits across an organization’s HPC resources, spanning edge-to-core-to-cloud, and organizes them across workloads. Download the white paper to learn more about how Bright Computing addresses the challenges of the new scalability.

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