A Conversation with Women in HPC Director Toni Collis

In this SC16 video interview, HPCwire Managing Editor Tiffany Trader sits down with Toni Collis, the director and founder of the Women in HPC (WHPC) network, t

By Tiffany Trader

Addison Snell: The ‘Wild West’ of HPC Disaggregation

We caught up with Addison Snell, CEO of HPC industry watcher Intersect360, at SC16 last month, and Snell had his expected, extensive list of insights into trend

By Doug Black

US Exascale Computing Update with Paul Messina

Around the world, efforts are ramping up to cross the next major computing threshold with machines that are 50-100x more performant than today's fastest number

By Tiffany Trader

People to Watch 2017

With 2017 underway, we’re looking to the future of high performance computing and the milestones that are growing ever closer.

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Ganthier, Turkel on the Dell EMC Road Ahead

December 5, 2016

Who is Dell EMC and why should you care? Glad you asked is Jim Ganthier’s quick response. Ganthier is SVP for validated solutions and high performance computi Read more…

By John Russell

Nvidia Sees Bright Future for AI Supercomputing

November 23, 2016

Graphics chipmaker Nvidia made a strong showing at SC16 in Salt Lake City last week. Most prominent wins were achieving the number one spot on the Green500 list Read more…

By Tiffany Trader

HPE-SGI to Tackle Exascale and Enterprise Targets

November 22, 2016

At first blush, and maybe second blush too, Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) purchase of SGI seems like an unambiguous win-win. SGI’s advanced shared memo Read more…

By John Russell

SC Says Farewell to Salt Lake City, See You in Denver

November 18, 2016

After an intense four-day flurry of activity (and a cold snap that brought some actual snow flurries), the SC16 show floor closed yesterday (Thursday) and the a Read more…

By Tiffany Trader

D-Wave SC16 Update: What’s Bo Ewald Saying These Days

November 18, 2016

Tucked in a back section of the SC16 exhibit hall, quantum computing pioneer D-Wave has been talking up its new 2000-qubit processor announced in September. For Read more…

By John Russell

Friday’s SC16 Twitter Roundup

November 18, 2016

Due to the overwhelmingly positive responses we've received about the SC16 Twitter Roundup, we've decided to extend it one more day. We hope everyone had a grea Read more…

By Thomas Ayres

Thursday’s SC16 Twitter Roundup

November 17, 2016

As SC16 winds down, we present our final Twitter Roundup for the event. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves in Salt Lake City and gets home safely. Be sure to Read more…

By Thomas Ayres

SC16 Precision Medicine Panel Proves HPC Matters

November 16, 2016

In virtually every way, precision medicine (PM) is the poster child for the HPC Matters mantra and was a good choice for the Monday panel opening SC16 (HPC Impa Read more…

By John Russell

Wednesday’s SC16 Twitter Roundup

November 16, 2016

The highly anticipated SC16 Twitter Roundup is finally here! In celebration of the event, we’re bringing you a list of some of the top SC16 tweets that were t Read more…

By Thomas Ayres

IDC: AI, HPDA Driving HPC into High Growth Markets

November 16, 2016

The rapid growth in technology that can be trained, that infers, that continually learns from information contained in enormous data sets, all the while generat Read more…

By Doug Black

ACM SIGHPC/Intel Computational & Data Science Fellowship Winners to Be Recognized at SC16

November 16, 2016

Last year at SC15 Intel announced a fellowship program in partnership with ACM SIGHPC aimed at increasing the participation of under-represented groups – w Read more…

By Tiffany Trader

Tuesday’s SC16 Twitter Roundup

November 15, 2016

The highly anticipated SC16 Twitter Roundup is finally here! In celebration of the event, we’re bringing you a list of some of the top SC16 tweets that were t Read more…

By Thomas Ayres

Intel’s SC16 Barrage Includes AI, Broadwell, Lustre and More

November 15, 2016

Intel made a flurry of announcements at SC16 today. Artificial intelligence figured prominently with new offerings and portfolio details. (Intel held back some Read more…

By John Russell

A Decade in HPC

November 15, 2016

A lot can change in ten years. We might move houses or change jobs. Our kids get older (and so do we). If we’re lucky we make new friends, and we’re sad whe Read more…

By Addison Snell

US, China Vie for Supercomputing Supremacy

November 14, 2016

The 48th edition of the TOP500 list is fresh off the presses and while there is no new number one system, as previously teased by China, there are a number of n Read more…

By Tiffany Trader

IBM Launches PowerAI Suite Optimized for its Highest Performing Server

November 14, 2016

Last year at SC15, IBM offered its vision of an accelerator-assisted computing paradigm enabled by the OpenPOWER ecosystem of diverse partners and focused on co Read more…

By John Russell

Monday’s SC16 Twitter Roundup

November 14, 2016

The highly anticipated SC16 Twitter Roundup is finally here! In celebration of the event, we're bringing you a list of some of the top SC16 tweets that were twe Read more…

By Thomas Ayres

AI a Hot Topic on SC16 Agenda

November 11, 2016

The rapid emergence of AI and machine learning within the HPC and advance scale computing industries looks to be a dominant topic – from vendor product announ Read more…

By Doug Black

Moving Just to Exascale or Preparing for Sustained Scaling?

November 11, 2016

Forward looking thinkers and programs are setting the course of the nation and internationally towards the acclaimed achievement of exascale computing. The valu Read more…

By Thomas Sterling

The Fun Work of Technology Crystal Ball Gazing at SC16

November 10, 2016

On Monday at SC16 the 1st International Workshop on Post-Moore Era Supercomputing (PMES) will dive into the world of tomorrow. On Wednesday it will be followed Read more…

By John Russell

Beowulf: Defined by Change, Empowering Individual Creativity

November 10, 2016

It was 23 years ago this November when a small NASA project, whimsically called “Beowulf,” was initiated to find a new way of achieving order of magnitude i Read more…

By Thomas Sterling

ARM Will Be Part of OpenHPC 1.2 Release at SC16

November 10, 2016

Perhaps stealing a bit of OpenHPC’s SC16 thunder, ARM announced today that ARMv8-A will be the first alternative architecture with OpenHPC support and part of Read more…

By John Russell

SC16 Preview: Modernizing, Modularizing Fortran Codes

November 9, 2016

The programming language Fortran has been in existence since 1957, and a large percentage of software that runs on HPC systems worldwide is written, at least in Read more…

By Mark Potts

A BoF to Boost Your Supercomputing Outreach Skills

November 9, 2016

In this Q&A, University of Edinburgh researcher Nick Brown previews an upcoming SC16 BoF, titled "HPC Outreach: Promoting Supercomputing to the Next Genera Read more…

By Tiffany Trader

Tackling the Co-design 3.0 Puzzle – New Thinking Needed

November 9, 2016

Co-design has long been a vibrant discussion point in the HPC community. The need to coordinate development across hardware, software, and system architecture i Read more…

By John Russell

Heading into SC16 CENATE Flexes its Growing Muscle

November 8, 2016

In September, the Center for Advanced Technology Evaluation (CENATE) at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) took possession of NVIDIA’s DGX-1 GPU-bas Read more…

By John Russell

SC16: Taking Diversity and Inclusivity Seriously

November 8, 2016

The SC Conference continues to change and improve to provide a better experience for the conference attendees. Diversity has always been important to the confer Read more…

By Kim McMahon

DDN in Product Line Refresh, Multi-level Security for Lustre

November 8, 2016

Ahead of next week’s SC16 conference, high end storage vendor DataDirect Networks today announced a raft of product line updates, including a new burst buffer Read more…

By Doug Black

STREAM Benchmark Author McCalpin Traces System Balance Trends

November 7, 2016

When Dr. John D. McCalpin introduced the STREAM benchmark in 1991, it had already become become clear that peak arithmetic rate was not an adequate measure of Read more…

By Tiffany Trader

OpenACC Expands Community, Reveals Roadmap Details

November 7, 2016

In advance of the SC16 expo in Salt Lake City next week, the OpenACC standards group today welcomed newest member NSSC-Wuxi and highlighted a number of importan Read more…

By Tiffany Trader

IDC’s Conway Sets Stage for SC16 Precision Medicine Panel

November 4, 2016

HPCwire: The fact that Precision Medicine is the opening panel at SC strongly suggests the growing importance of HPC in making PM and basic life science resear Read more…

By John Russell

Is Entrepreneurship Flagging in America? Not in HPC

November 3, 2016

HPC has always been a fountain of innovations that eventually become mainstream. These innovations have been both technological as well as in business models. H Read more…

By Stephen Perrenod, OrionX

OpenHPC Pushes to Prove its Openness and Value at SC16

October 24, 2016

At SC15 last year the announcement of OpenHPC – the nascent effort to develop a standardized HPC stack to ease HPC deployment – drew a mix of enthusiasm and Read more…

By John Russell

IDC: Searching for Dark Energy in the HPC Universe

October 20, 2016

The latest scientific evidence indicates that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate and that so-called dark energy is the driver behind this growth. Read more…

By Bob Sorensen

SC16 Showcases Use of HPC and Cloud In Cancer Research

October 19, 2016

The effort to attack cancer with HPC resources has been growing for years. Indeed, it’s accurate to say the sequencing of the human genome was as much a tour Read more…

By John Russell

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SC16 Virtual Booth Video Tours

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Off the Wire from SC16

RSC Tornado With 72-core Intel Phi Achieves 1.41 Pflops per Rack - (11/24/2016)

Julia for Deep Learning Presented by IBM and Julia Computing at SC16 - (11/18/2016)

Paper From Georgia Tech Researchers Earns ACM Results Replicated Badge - (11/18/2016)

Cheyenne and Pleiades Systems Named to TOP500 List - (11/17/2016)

Inspur Launches D1000 Deep Learning Appliance - (11/17/2016)

Aquila and TAS Energy Launch Liquid Cooled Edge Data Center Co-Development Program - (11/17/2016)

Motivair Unveils New MCDU 4U In-Rack CDU at SC16 - (11/17/2016)

NVIDIA and Microsoft Collaborate to Accelerate AI in the Enterprise - (11/16/2016)

Altair Expands the Availability of PBS Professional - (11/16/2016)

Inspur Shares Advanced Cooling Solutions at SC16 - (11/16/2016)

Intel HPC Orchestrator to Include PBS Pro for Workload Management - (11/16/2016)

Asetek Announces Eight Installations in the TOP500 Supercomputer List - (11/16/2016)

Rescale Brings New HPC and AI Capabilities to Market Via the IBM Cloud - (11/16/2016)

K Computer Takes First Place on HPCG Benchmark - (11/16/2016)

E4 Computer Engineering Wins Third and Final Phase of PRACE’s PCP - (11/16/2016)

Sugon Announces Completion of Datacenter in Europe - (11/16/2016)

Inspur and Intel Co-Launch FPGA Card - (11/16/2016)

Spectra Logic Introduces Lustre Archive Campaign Storage Solution - (11/15/2016)

Cray Unveils New Deep Learning Capabilities Across Line of Supercomputing Systems - (11/15/2016)

JCAHPC’s Oakforest-PACS Certified by Top500 as Japan’s Highest Performance Supercomputer - (11/15/2016)

AMD Radeon Technology Will be Available on Google Cloud Platform in 2017 - (11/15/2016)

Cray Expands Customer Base for Urika-GX System and Previews Upcoming Software Release - (11/15/2016)

Supermicro Joins OpenPOWER Foundation - (11/15/2016)

Dell EMC Expands HPC Portfolio With Advances in Cloud, Software, and Systems - (11/15/2016)

Penguin Computing Announces Nine Systems Among World’s Top500 Systems - (11/15/2016)

Microway Introduces NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU-Accelerated Servers at SC16 - (11/15/2016)

Sugon Announces Roadmap for Exascale Computing - (11/15/2016)

Cavium and Partners to Showcase ThunderX ARM-Based Server Platforms at SC16 - (11/15/2016)

Chelsio Reveals Benchmark Results of Latest Terminator 6 100GbE Adapters - (11/15/2016)

Penguin Computing Unveils Scyld Cloud Workstation Support for Intel Visual Compute Accelerator - (11/15/2016)

BeeGFS Version 6.0 Now Available - (11/15/2016)

Liqid and Echostreams Partner With Mellanox - (11/15/2016)

TYAN Displaying HPC Platforms for Enterprises and Datacenters at SC16 - (11/14/2016)

Altair Announces PBS Cloud - (11/14/2016)

Cray Launches New XC50 Supercomputer - (11/14/2016)

Seagate Unveils New ClusterStor System With Flash Acceleration for HPC Applications - (11/14/2016)

Bright Computing and Dell EMC to Demonstrate Integrated HPC Solutions at SC16 - (11/14/2016)

Mellanox InfiniBand to Accelerate New NCI Supercomputer - (11/14/2016)

Cray XC40 Theta Supercomputer Accepted at Argonne National Laboratory - (11/14/2016)

CoolIT Systems to Showcase HPC Liquid Cooling Offering at SC16 - (11/14/2016)

Supermicro Unveils New BigTwin Server Architecture and Highlights Latest HPC Offerings at SC16 - (11/14/2016)

One Stop Systems to Exhibit GPUltima With NVIDIA Tesla P40 GPUs at SC16 - (11/14/2016)

Penguin Computing Announces POD Achievements - (11/14/2016)

Lenovo Unveils New Open Innovation HPC Solutions at SC16 - (11/14/2016)

AMD Releases New Version of Radeon Open Compute Platform - (11/14/2016)

XSEDE Service Providers Streamline Academic Users’ Access to MATLAB on Supercomputers - (11/14/2016)

AMAX to Showcase [SMART] DC Data Center Manager at SC16 - (11/14/2016)

Nallatech to Showcase FPGA Solutions for HPC at SC16 - (11/14/2016)

Xilinx Unveils Reconfigurable Acceleration Stack - (11/14/2016)

DriveScale Selects RAID to Expand Big Data Ecosystem Into Supercomputing Market - (11/14/2016)

Ethernet Alliance to Host Panel on Ethernet Roadmap at SC16 - (11/14/2016)

Mellanox to Showcase Virtual Reality Over 100Gb/s InfiniBand at SC16 - (11/14/2016)

Smart IOPS’ Data Engine SSD Powers GIGABYTE NVMe-Based Servers - (11/14/2016)

Silicon Mechanics Announces Open Entry for 6th Annual Research Cluster Grant - (11/14/2016)

SCC Chairs Delve Into Upcoming Student Cluster Competition - (11/14/2016)

Liqid Showcasing NVMe and PCIe-Based Technologies at SC16 - (11/14/2016)

Cooling Engineers Win Prestigious International Science Award - (11/14/2016)

SC16 Using ADVA Optical Networking 100G Technology to Support SCinet - (11/11/2016)

XSEDE Announces Advanced Computing for Social Change Program - (11/11/2016)

Rogue Wave to Unveil Improved Dynamic Analysis Tools at SC16 - (11/11/2016)

NCSA Booth at SC16 to Highlight Impact on Science, Education, and Innovation - (11/11/2016)

CSRA to Showcase Range of HPC Offerings at SC16 - (11/11/2016)

Asetek to Showcase Range of HPC Offerings at SC16 - (11/10/2016)

Ciena to Showcase Advanced Research and Development Innovations at SC16 - (11/10/2016)

Boston Limited to Showcase New Igloo Plus Ice Offering at SC16 - (11/10/2016)

A Deeper Preview of Dr. Katharine Frase’s Upcoming SC16 Keynote - (11/10/2016)

Bright Computing to Highlight Cluster Management Solutions SC16 - (11/09/2016)

Engility to Showcase HPC Innovation at SC16 - (11/09/2016)

Atos Tackles Storage Bottlenecks for HPC With Bull Director for HPSS - (11/09/2016)

Katharine Frase, Cognitive Computing Expert, to Address the Future of AI at SC16 Keynote - (11/09/2016)

Nor-Tech to Roll Out Clusters Integrated With Intel’s Orchestrator Platform - (11/09/2016)

SC16 Sessions to Highlight HSA Momentum - (11/09/2016)

BIOS IT Partners With vScaler to Deliver Optimized HPC Offerings for the Cloud - (11/08/2016)

San Diego State to Make First Appearance at Student Cluster Competition - (11/08/2016)

DDN Unveils New Security Solution for Lustre - (11/08/2016)

Cycle Computing’s CycleCloud V6 Now Available - (11/08/2016)

Caringo to Exhibit Cloud & Object Storage Platform at SC16 - (11/08/2016)

SDSC to Host High-Speed, Large Data Transfer Experiment at SC16 - (11/08/2016)

ReFLEX CES to Showcase Hardware Solutions at SC16 - (11/08/2016)

SC16 Previews HPC Matters Plenary - (11/07/2016)

LiquidCool Solutions to Unveil New 2U Clamshell Servers at SC16 - (11/04/2016)

Innodisk to Showcase Hardware Offerings at SC16 - (11/04/2016)

SC16 Previews Show Highlights - (11/03/2016)

Ethernet Alliance to Map Out Ethernet’s Future in HPC at SC16 - (11/02/2016)

SCinet Security Boosted by Utah’s CloudLab Site - (11/02/2016)

DDN to Showcase HPC Innovations at SC16 - (11/01/2016)

Computer Science/STEM Leaders Explain How to Spark STEM Interest in Youth - (11/01/2016)

SC16 Releases SCC Focus on Team SegFAUlt - (10/28/2016)

Kitware Plans to Spotlight New VTK and ParaView Releases at SC16 - (10/25/2016)

SC16 Releases Latest Invited Talk Spotlight: Charlie Catlett - (10/24/2016)

National Cancer Institute’s Dr. Warren Kibbe Joins HPC Matters Plenary Panel on Precision Medicine - (10/21/2016)

SC16 Releases Latest Invited Talk Spotlight: Dr. Thomas Schulthess - (10/21/2016)

GCS Supports Two German Teams for SC16 Student Cluster Competition - (10/20/2016)

Kitware Prepares SC16 Presentation on In Situ Simulation Run - (10/20/2016)

SC16 Releases Latest Invited Talk Spotlight: Janice Coen - (10/19/2016)

SC16 HPC Matters Plenary Announced: Precision Medicine Panel - (10/14/2016)

SC16 Releases Latest Invited Talk Spotlight: Dr. John McCalpin - (10/10/2016)

Bill Gropp to Receive 2016 Ken Kennedy Award - (10/05/2016)

SC15 Paper Authors Transform Experiment Into Application Challenge for SC16 SCC - (09/28/2016)

SC16 Releases Latest Invited Talk Spotlight: Dr. Thomas Sterling - (09/27/2016)

SC16 Announces Best Paper Nominees - (09/21/2016)

Dr. Maria Klawe to Present “Diversity and Inclusion in Supercomputing” at SC16 - (09/06/2016)

More Information Released on SC16 Panels - (09/02/2016)

Seven Women in IT Chosen to Help Build and Operate SCinet at SC16 - (08/30/2016)

SC16 to Feature 38 High-Quality Workshops - (08/11/2016)

SC16 Keynote Speaker Katharine Frase to Focus on Cognitive Computing - (08/03/2016)

SC16 Exhibition Already Breaking Records - (07/18/2016)


Lenovo Distributed Storage Solution

As data processing grows more and more specialized, effective storage strategies are more important than ever. And for IT professionals reevaluating their storage needs, software-defined and object-based storage are gaining ground by automating storage management – a trend that is only set to continue.

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Sorting Fact from Fiction: HPC-enabled Engineering Simulations, On-premises or in the Cloud

HPC may once have been the sole province for huge corporations and national labs, but with hardware and cloud resources becoming more affordable even small and mid-sized companies are taking advantage.

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