Tsinghua Powers Through ISC18 Field

Tsinghua University topped all other competitors at the ISC18 Student Cluster Competition with an overall score of 88.43 out of 100. This gives Tsinghua their second gold medal of the year, their

By Dan Olds

Meet the ISC18 Cluster Teams: Up Close & Personal

It’s time to meet your ISC18 Student Cluster Competition teams. While I was able to film them live at the ISC show, the trick was finding time to edit the videos, render them, deal with the flu

By Dan Olds

HPC Under the Covers: Linpack, Exascale & the Top500

HPCers can get painted as a monolithic bunch by outsiders, but internecine disagreements abound over the HPCest of HPC jargon, as was evident at ISC this week.

Ask four HPC leaders about Linp

By Tiffany Trader

HPC Cloud on a Roll; Pure Play High Performance Storage Dips

HPC in the cloud is one of those “insanely great” ideas that, failing to fire, year after year recedes before our expectations. Until, that is, last year, according to industry watcher Addiso

By Doug Black

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ShanghaiTech Nails HPCG at ISC18

July 8, 2018

I keep calling ShanghaiTech a surprising team, with good reason. The school was only established in 2013, making them one of the youngest universities in the wo Read more…

FAU Grabs Linpack Crown With Near Record Score

July 7, 2018

Germany’s FAU ISC18 Student Cluster Competition team won the Highest LINPACK Award last week with a score of 51.56 TFlop/s. While this is a great result and b Read more…

ISC18 Cluster Competition Configs: To Have and to Have Not

June 28, 2018

The tale of the ISC18 Student Cluster Competition was a tale of the haves and the have-nots. Some teams had a large number of nodes with an equally large number Read more…

Hyperion: China Maintains Lead in Race to Exascale

June 28, 2018

Amidst a flurry of activity surrounding machine learning, quantum and cloud, Tuesday’s Hyperion Research briefing at ISC 2018 reminded us that there is no esc Read more…

GCS Lays Out German HPC Roadmap at ISC 2018

June 28, 2018

At ISC this year, in addition to multiple presentations on the forward momentum for European HPC, there was a special event dedicated to the German HPC roadmap. On Tuesday Dr. Michael Resch, chairman of the Guass Centre for Supercomputing (GCS) and director for HLRS, provided insight into Germany's position in the European landscape. Read more…

At ISC18: Hyperion Reports Healthy Current & Future HPC Market Growth

June 27, 2018

Borne on the rising wave of emerging high performance data analytics (HPDA) and machine learning use cases, along with global government spending on development Read more…

First-time ISC Attendee Shares ‘Tutorial Day’ Experience

June 26, 2018

In this blog, Marcus Bond, a professor of inorganic chemistry and x-ray crystallography at Southeast Missouri State University, shares his experience at the ISC 2018 Sunday program. Read more…

GPUs Power Five of World’s Top Seven Supercomputers

June 25, 2018

The top 10 echelon of the newly minted Top500 list boasts three powerful new systems with one common engine: the Nvidia Volta V100 general-purpose graphics proc Read more…

Cray Melds AI App Development with HPC

June 25, 2018

Cray Inc. is coming to the aid of harried application developers with a new workflow software suite designed to accelerate AI implementation by combining analyt Read more…

Get with the Program at ISC 2018

June 25, 2018

On Monday, this year’s annual ISC conference hit the ground running with an overarching look at the state of supercomputing around the globe, key themes that Read more…

ISC18’s Industrial Day Slate: Digital Twins, CFD for Automotive, HPC for SMEs

June 23, 2018

For enterprise IT strategists, this year’s Industrial Day (Tuesday, June 26) at ISC18 in Frankfurt will cover a range of topics – digital twins, AI and mac Read more…

What’s Hot and What’s Not at ISC 2018?

June 22, 2018

As the calendar rolls around to late June we see the ISC conference, held in Frankfurt (June 24th-28th), heave into view. With some of the pre-show announcements already starting to roll out, what do we think some of the main talking points will be next week? Read more…

HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards Turns 15

June 22, 2018

A hallmark of sustainability is this: If you are not serving a need effectively and efficiently you do not last. The HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice aw Read more…

ISC 2018 Preview from @hpcnotes

June 21, 2018

Prepare for your social media feed to be saturated with #HPC, #ISC18, #Top500, etc. Prepare for your mainstream media to talk about supercomputers (in between t Read more…

AMD’s EPYC Road to Redemption in Six Slides

June 21, 2018

A year ago AMD returned to the server market with its EPYC processor line. The earth didn’t tremble but folks took notice. People remember the Opteron fondly Read more…

Why Student Cluster Competitions are Better than World Cup

June 21, 2018

My last article about the ISC18 Student Cluster Competition, titled “World Cup is Lame Compared to This Competition”, may have implied that I believe Studen Read more…

Cray Introduces All Flash Lustre Storage Solution Targeting HPC

June 19, 2018

Citing the rise of IOPS-intensive workflows and more affordable flash technology, Cray today introduced the L300F, a scalable all-flash storage solution whose p Read more…

Lenovo to Debut ‘Neptune’ Cooling Technologies at ISC

June 19, 2018

Lenovo today announced a set of cooling technologies, dubbed Neptune, that include direct to node (DTN) warm water cooling, rear door heat exchanger (RDHX), and Read more…

World Cup is Lame Compared to This Competition

June 18, 2018

So you think World Cup soccer is a big deal? While I’m sure it’s very compelling to watch a bunch of athletes kick a ball around, World Cup misses the boat Read more…

ORNL Summit Supercomputer Is Officially Here

June 8, 2018

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) together with IBM and Nvidia celebrated the official unveiling of the Department of Energy (DOE) Summit supercomputer toda Read more…

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Off the Wire from ISC18

Inspur Supports Tsinghua University to Defend Overall Championship in ISC18 SCC - (07/02/2018)

Jülich Supercomputer Due to Begin User Operation in the Coming Days - (06/27/2018)

Univa Deploys Over 1M Cores in a Single Grid Engine Cluster Using AWS - (06/27/2018)

Dell EMC Outlines Push for Adoption of HPC to Simplify AI Projects - (06/26/2018)

RSC Launches HPC-Targeted Hyper-Converged Solution Based on Proven RSC Tornado Architecture - (06/26/2018)

SkyScale to Demonstrate Cloud-Based HPC Platform with 16x NVIDIA V100 PCIe GPUs at ISC 2018 - (06/26/2018)

DDN Announces A3I Solutions: Parallel Data Platforms for AI - (06/26/2018)

InfiniBand Accelerates the Top Three Supercomputers on TOP500 Supercomputer List - (06/25/2018)

Intel Highlights Its Activities and Announcements at ISC 2018 - (06/25/2018)

Bright Computing Extends Support to Cavium ThunderX2 64-bit Arm v8-A Processors - (06/25/2018)

DDN Announces New Solutions for HPC Workloads and AI-Ready Data Centers - (06/25/2018)

E4 Computer Engineering and Cavium Join Forces to Support Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Team at ISC 2018 Student Cluster Competition - (06/25/2018)

TYAN Highlights Intel Xeon Scalable Processor-Based HPC and Cloud Server Platforms at ISC 2018 - (06/25/2018)

Kalray Unveils Its Certified Intelligent NVME-oF Solutions With AIC At ISC 2018 - (06/25/2018)

ASRock Rack Unveils New 3U GPU-Optimized Server Platform Supporting 10 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs at ISC 2018 - (06/25/2018)

NEC, Quobyte Deliver Complete Storage Solution Stack to HLRS Supercomputing Site - (06/25/2018)

Cray Outlines Panels, Presentations, and Workshops for ISC 2018 - (06/25/2018)

The New BSC Power9 Machine Is Europe’s Greenest Supercomputer - (06/25/2018)

Lenovo Attains Status as Largest Global Provider of Top500 Supercomputers - (06/25/2018)

Women in HPC Continues Mission to Inspire at ISC 2018 - (06/25/2018)

DDN Acquires Lustre File System Capability from Intel - (06/25/2018)

Nvidia Brings Talks, Training, Demos, and More to ISC 2018 - (06/22/2018)

HPE Previews Its HPC Product Lineup for ISC 2018 - (06/22/2018)

Fujitsu Completes Post-K Supercomputer CPU Prototype, Begins Functionality Trials - (06/21/2018)

Asetek to Feature Latest Intel Compute Modules at ISC 2018 - (06/21/2018)

GNS Systems to Discuss HPC in the Cloud at ISC - (06/21/2018)

Quantum to Showcase End-to-End Data Management and Large-Scale Storage Solution for HPC at ISC - (06/21/2018)

CoolIT Systems to Showcase Latest Data Center Liquid Cooling Technology at ISC - (06/20/2018)

Intel Outlines Its Upcoming AI and HPC Sessions at ISC - (06/19/2018)


QCT QoolRack: An Optimized Liquid Cooling Solution for HPC/AI Workloads

Data center infrastructure running AI and HPC workloads requires powerful microprocessor chips and the use of CPUs, GPUs, and acceleration chips to carry out compute intensive tasks. AI and HPC processing generate excessive heat which results in higher data center power consumption and additional data center costs.

Data centers traditionally use air cooling solutions including heatsinks and fans that may not be able to reduce energy consumption while maintaining infrastructure performance for AI and HPC workloads. Liquid cooled systems will be increasingly replacing air cooled solutions for data centers running HPC and AI workloads to meet heat and performance needs.

QCT worked with Intel to develop the QCT QoolRack, a rack-level direct-to-chip cooling solution which meets data center needs with impressive cooling power savings per rack over air cooled solutions, and reduces data centers’ carbon footprint with QCT QoolRack smart management.

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