Berkeley Lab’s John Shalf Ponders the Future of HPC Architectures

What will scientific computing at scale look like in 2030? With the impending demise of Moore’s Law, there are still more questions than answers for users and manufacturers of HPC technologies

By Kathy Kincade

Chinese Company Sugon Placed on US ‘Entity List’ After Strong Showing at International Supercomputing Conference

After more than a decade of advancing its supercomputing prowess, operating the world’s most powerful supercomputer from June 2013 to June 2018, China is keeping mum on its latest HPC accomplis

By Tiffany Trader

Is Weather and Climate Prediction the Perfect ‘Pilot’ for Exascale?

At ISC 2019 this week, Peter Bauer – deputy director of research for the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) – outlined an ambitious vision for the future of weather an

By Oliver Peckham

ISC Keynote: Thomas Sterling’s Take on Whither HPC

Entertaining, insightful, and unafraid to launch the occasional verbal ICBM, HPC pioneer Thomas Sterling delivered his 16th annual closing keynote at ISC yesterday. He explored, among other thing

By John Russell

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U.S. Blacklists Sugon, 4 Others from Access to Advanced Technology

June 21, 2019

Just as ISC19 wrapped up yesterday, showcasing the latest in supercomputing technology, the U.S. added five Chinese entities including Sugon to its blacklist pr Read more…

IBM Claims No. 1 Commercial Supercomputer with Total Oil & Gas System 

June 20, 2019

IBM can now boast not only the two most powerful supercomputers in the world, it also has claimed the top spot for a supercomputer used in a commercial setting. Read more…

HPC on Pace for 5-Year 6.8% CAGR; Guess Which Hyperscaler Spent $10B on IT Last Year?

June 20, 2019

In the neck-and-neck horse race for HPC server market share, HPE has hung on to a slim, shrinking lead over Dell EMC – but if server and storage market shares Read more…

ISC 2019 Research Paper Award Winners Announced

June 19, 2019

At the 2019 International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) in Frankfurt this week, the ISC committee awarded the event's top prizes for outstanding research pape Read more…

ISC Keynote: The Algorithms of Life – Scientific Computing for Systems Biology

June 19, 2019

Systems biology has existed loosely under many definitions for a couple of decades. It’s the notion of describing living systems using first-principle physics Read more…

Summit Achieves 445 Petaflops on New ‘HPL-AI’ Benchmark

June 19, 2019

Summit -- the world's top-ranking supercomputer -- has been used to test-drive a new mixed-precision Linpack benchmark, which for now is being called HPL-AI. Traditionally, supercomputer performance is measured using the High-Performance Linpack (HPL) benchmark, which is the basis for the Top500 list that biannually ranks world's fastest supercomputers. Read more…

By the Numbers: For the HPC Industry, These Are the Good Old Days

June 18, 2019

For technology vendors in HPC and HPC-related markets driven by increased demand for AI, enterprise and exascale solutions, this is the best of times – with better times likely in the offing. HPC analyst firm Hyperion Research took the occasion of its semi-annual HPC market update breakfast today in Frankfurt... Read more…

Top500 Purely Petaflops; US Maintains Performance Lead

June 17, 2019

With the kick-off of the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) in Frankfurt this morning, the 53rd Top500 list made its debut, and this one's for petafl Read more…

Nvidia Embraces Arm, Declares Intent to Accelerate All CPU Architectures

June 17, 2019

As the Top500 list was being announced at ISC in Frankfurt today with an upgraded petascale Arm supercomputer in the top third of the list, Nvidia announced its Read more…

Jack Wells Joins OpenACC; Arm Support Coming

June 17, 2019

Perhaps the most significant ISC19 news for OpenACC wasn’t in its official press release yesterday which touted growing user traction and the notable addition Read more…

DDN Launches EXA5 for AI, Big Data, HPC Workloads

June 17, 2019

DDN, for two decades competing at the headwaters of high performance storage, this morning announced an enterprise-oriented end-to-end high performance storage Read more…

Final Countdown to ISC19: What to See

June 13, 2019

If you're attending the International Supercomputing Conference, taking place in Frankfurt next week (June 16-20), you're either packing, in transit, or are alr Read more…

ISC19 Panel: When’s enough, enough? With so many parallel programming technologies, is it time to focus on consolidating them?

June 10, 2019

ISC is looming fast and on the Wednesday we will be holding a panel asking the question whether it is time to focus more on the consolidation and interoperabili Read more…

Want More Science and Tech Funding? Learn from the Science Slam Meisters at ISC 2019!

June 4, 2019

Every two years, the United States National Science Foundation (US-NSF) asks a few thousand random citizens to take a science quiz to determine how much they understand about science and technology. As stewards of the public taxpayer investment, NSF knows that public perception ultimately drives legislative decisions. Read more…

ThinkParQ Readies BeeGFS for Prime Time

May 28, 2019

With ISC19 fast approaching (June 16-20) ThinkParQ is ramping efforts to showcase its BeeGFS parallel file system’s growing market traction and to draw atten Read more…

Leading Solution Providers

Off the Wire from ISC19

Atos Delivers Two BullSequana Supercomputers to Météo-France to Boost Weather Forecasting Capabilities - (11/14/2019)

Visionary GPU Architecture Paper Wins SC19 Test of Time Award - (08/15/2019)

AMAX Unveils New Series of Servers for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - (06/20/2019)

Xelera Announces Availability of Xelera Suite for Edge Computing - (06/19/2019)

MSU’s Supercomputer Ranks 4th Fastest in U.S. Academia - (06/19/2019)

PCI-SIG Announces Upcoming PCI Express 6.0 Specification to Reach 64 GT/s - (06/19/2019)

DDN Selected for Top Position and Places Five Systems in Top Ten of the IO500 10-Node Benchmark - (06/19/2019)

Mississippi State University to Host Supercomputer to Power NOAA Research - (06/19/2019)

WekaIO Named HPE Momentum Technology Partner of the Year 2019 - (06/19/2019)

NVIDIA Launches Technology Center to Advance AI Research Across UK - (06/19/2019)

Mellanox Liquid Cooled HDR 200G Multi-Host InfiniBand Adapters Available on Lenovo’s Liquid Cooled Server Platform - (06/19/2019)

LLNL’s Lassen Supercomputer Leaps to No. 10 on top500 List, Sierra Remains No. 2 - (06/19/2019)

Researchers to Take Advantage of DOE’s Advanced Supercomputers - (06/19/2019)

Inspur Launches New AI and HPC Appliance at ISC19 - (06/19/2019)

Bright Cluster Manager Now a Qualified Software Stack for Intel Select Solutions for Simulation & Modeling - (06/18/2019)

Penguin Computing Offers Availability Program for Intel Xeon Platinum 9200 Series Processor-Based Server for AI and HPC - (06/18/2019)

NEC to Deliver Supercomputer NEC SX-Aurora TSUBASA to Assist in Innovative European Weather Forecasting - (06/18/2019)

NGD Systems, Orange Silicon Valley, Echostream and CoCoLink Partner to Showcase Computational Storage for High Performance Computing at ISC 2019 - (06/18/2019)

Swiss National Weather Center to Deploy its Third Cray CS-Storm System with Cray ClusterStor Storage - (06/18/2019)

IBM-Powered Supercomputers Lead Semi-Annual Rankings - (06/18/2019)

Hyperion Research Announces New Winners of HPC Innovation Excellence Awards - (06/18/2019)

Exascale Systems, AI and Cloud Use Boost Worldwide HPC Market Five-Year Forecast to $44 Billion (€39 Billion) - (06/18/2019)

NVIDIA Announces CUDA-X HPC Updates - (06/18/2019)

NVIDIA Builds DGX SuperPOD for Autonomous Vehicle Development - (06/18/2019)

NEC to Deploy Direct-Liquid Cooled Epyc-Powered Supercomputer for the German Aerospace Center (DLR) - (06/18/2019)

Cray to Accelerate ENVIRONMENTAL GENOMICS Research at Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering - (06/18/2019)

Atos Launches New Range of Modular Storage Appliances - (06/18/2019)

Altair Signs Reseller Agreement with NEC for PBS Professional - (06/17/2019)

Tohoku University Boosts Analytical Capacity for Biobank Medical Research - (06/17/2019)

HPC-AI Advisory Council Launches World-Wide Student Cluster Competition Leadership List - (06/17/2019)

UCX Networking Layer Adopted by Charm++, Accelerating Charm++ Performance by up to 85% - (06/17/2019)

InfiniBand Accelerates Six of the Top Ten Supercomputers in the World - (06/17/2019)

Automation Announces Two Major Datacenter Installations - (06/17/2019)

DDN Unveils EXA5 for HPC, Big Data and AI Acceleration & Multicloud Data Management at ISC19 - (06/17/2019)

Supermicro High-Performance Systems Supports Scientific Discovery & Exploration Even to Distant Galaxies - (06/17/2019)

Imperial College Protects Vital Research Data with Software-Defined Storage Infrastructure Using ArcaStream and Excelero - (06/17/2019)

TYAN Powers AI and HPC with 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor-Based Server Platforms at ISC 2019 - (06/17/2019)

Bright Computing, Cray Reduce Complexity and Cost in Modern HPC Environment for NeSI and NIWA - (06/17/2019)

Cray Powers Geospatial AI Revolution with Deep Learning Performance - (06/17/2019)

Dell Technologies Simplifies Customers’ Path to Innovation with AI and High Performance Computing - (06/17/2019)

WekaIO Updates File System with Advanced Security Features for Multi-User Enterprise HPC - (06/17/2019)

Mellanox HDR 200G InfiniBand Accelerates New Generation of HPC and AI Supercomputers - (06/17/2019)

E4, Marvell Sponsor Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Team at ISC 2019 Student Cluster Competition - (06/17/2019)

Cray to Deliver First Exabyte Storage System for the Frontier Exascale System at ORNL - (06/17/2019)

CINECA, E4 Announce the Successful Conclusion of Phase I Evaluation of Arm Clusters - (06/17/2019)

ISC 2019 Kicks Off with Five Days of Non-Stop HPC - (06/16/2019)

Intel at the 2019 International Supercomputer Conference - (06/15/2019)

AMD Announces ISC19 Activities - (06/15/2019)

Six Nines to Attend and Present at ISC High Performance in Frankfurt, Germany - (06/13/2019)

CoolIT Systems to Showcase Data Center Liquid Cooling Solutions for OEM Systems at ISC 2019 - (06/12/2019)

Asperitas and Partners Present Sustainable HPC Datacenter Services at ISC 2019 - (06/12/2019)

Colombian and Botswana Researchers Awarded ISC Travel Grant Funds - (05/23/2019)

GCS Supports German University Teams in ISC19 Student Cluster Competition - (05/21/2019)

ISC High Performance Announces David Keyes as 2020 Program Chair - (05/15/2019)

ISC 2019 Student Cluster Competition to Be Held June 17-19 in Frankfurt - (05/10/2019)


Meeting AI/ML Compute Needs with the HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 Plus

Companies across most industries run workloads that use HPC, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to deliver real-time insights that help their businesses operate more efficiently, respond to changes faster, and innovate. The HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 Plus System based on the latest NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs and both 2nd and 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ processors and AMD Instinct™ MI100 accelerators deliver the needed exceptional performance, fast insights, and advanced security to fuel better business outcomes. Download this white paper to learn about the system’s capabilities, its performance in MLPerf Inference benchmarking tests, and HPE services that complement the system.

Download Now

Sponsored by HPE


Direct Liquid Cooling: CAPEX and OPEX, the Complete ROI Story

Health data capture, precise data analysis and machine assisted diagnosis are a big focus of the precision medical field. It is critical that medical organizations and researchers have a method for efficiency, simplification, and scalability to run precision medicine workloads. An optimized infrastructure is required to meet the needs of GPU systems capable of running precision medicine applications and workloads. Read this paper now to learn the benefits for:

This paper describes how Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) developed the QCT POD for Medical (QPM) platform specifically designed to meet the needs for life science customers. QCT provides an on-premises rack-level system for the healthcare industry. To reach greater flexibility and scaling, QPM offers common building blocks to meet different medical demands, like Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Molecular Dynamics (MD), and Image Recognition. In addition, QCT optimized the QPM solution to automate launching the NVIDIA Clara application framework for AI-powered imaging and genomics.

Download Now

Sponsored by CoolIT


Why Storage Infrastructure Choices Matter for Data-Intensive Organizations

Oracle’s next generation HPC architecture with Intel compute instance based on 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, code named "Ice Lake", changes the game for HPC in the Cloud. The new HPC Bare Metal instance delivers performance gains of up to 42% compared to the previous generation HPC instance. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Intel’s 3rd generation processors also offers the flexibility to choose the right combination of cores and memory to suit workloads. The price per core-hour stays the same as the previous HPC instance, across all Oracle Cloud regions. This combination of improved performance and flat pricing translates to faster simulations and big cost savings.

Join Oracle and Intel and learn how customers are increasing performance for HPC workloads across batch processing, video encoding, electronic design automation (EDA), distributed analytics, data science, AI, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Download Now

Sponsored by DDN


A Modern Converged Platform to Boost Smart Medical Workloads

In this webinar, Intersect360 Research CEO Addison Snell will lead a discussion with AMD HPC Leaders Robert Hormuth, CVP, Architecture and Strategy, Brad McCredie, Corporate Vice President of Data Center GPU and Accelerated Processing and Brock Taylor, Global HPC Solutions Director around AMD's innovative HPC solutions and the momentum AMD has gained across all customer use cases. These AMD executives will discuss the applicability of AMD’s high-performance CPU and GPU approaches in a common environment along with the feature set that can enable small HPC clusters to the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

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Sponsored by QCT

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