Hyperion Forecast – Headwinds in 2020 Won’t Stifle Cloud HPC Adoption or Arm’s Rise

The semiannual taking of HPC’s pulse by Hyperion Research – late fall at SC and early summer at ISC – is a much-watched indicator of things come. This year is no different though the conver

By John Russell

Top500 Trends: Movement on Top, but Record Low Turnover

The 55th installment of the Top500 list saw strong activity in the leadership segment with four new systems in the top ten and a crowning achievement from the first number-one Arm-based machine,

By Tiffany Trader

ISC 2020 Keynote: Hope for the Future, Praise for Fugaku and HPC’s Pandemic Response

In stark contrast to past years Thomas Sterling’s ISC20 keynote today struck a more somber note with the COVID-19 pandemic as the central character in Sterling’s annual review of worldwide tr

By John Russell

ISC 2020’s Student Cluster Competition Winners Announced

Normally, the Student Cluster Competition involves teams of students building real computing clusters on the show floors of major supercomputer conferences and racing to complete a series of task

By Oliver Peckham

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Hoefler’s Whirlwind ISC20 Virtual Tour of ML Trends in 9 Slides

June 23, 2020

The ISC20 experience this year via livestreaming and pre-recordings is interesting and perhaps a bit odd. That said presenters’ efforts to condense their comments makes for economic use of your time. Torsten Hoefler’s whirlwind 12-minute tour of ML is a great example. Hoefler, leader of the planned ISC20 Machine Learning... Read more…

By John Russell

At ISC, the Fight Against COVID-19 Took the Stage – and Yes, Fugaku Was There

June 23, 2020

With over nine million infected and nearly half a million dead, the COVID-19 pandemic has seized the world’s attention for several months. It has also dominat Read more…

By Oliver Peckham

Cluster Comp Coach Chat

June 23, 2020

In our continuing effort to provide the most comprehensive ISC20 Student Cluster Competition coverage possible, we’ve interviewed coaches from several of th Read more…

By Dan Olds

Japan’s Fugaku Tops Global Supercomputing Rankings

June 22, 2020

A new Top500 champ was unveiled today. Supercomputer Fugaku, the pride of Japan and the namesake of Mount Fuji, vaulted to the top of the 55th edition of the To Read more…

By Tiffany Trader

The Green500 Has a New Leader – and It’s a Newcomer

June 22, 2020

While the Top500 list ranks the most powerful benchmarked supercomputers in the world, the Green500 reorders the list to rank the most energy-efficient supercom Read more…

By Oliver Peckham

Nvidia Goes Deep with Mellanox Datacenter Net Security

June 22, 2020

When Nvidia announced its acquisition of Mellanox, the GPU leader noted that datacenters would eventually be built like high performance computers. Hence, it’ Read more…

By George Leopold

Nvidia Nabs #7 Spot on Top500 with Selene, Launches A100 PCIe Cards

June 22, 2020

Nvidia unveiled its Selene AI supercomputer today in tandem with the updated listing of world’s fastest computers. Nvidia also introduced the PCIe form factor of the Ampere-based A100 GPU. Nvidia’s new internal AI supercomputer, Selene, joins the upper echelon of the 55th Top500’s ranks and breaks an energy-efficiency... Read more…

By Tiffany Trader

AMD’s Top500 Showing Points to Progress and Commitment

June 22, 2020

AMD’s recent return to the upper echelons of HPC was marked by gains on the latest Top500 list announced today in conjunction with ISC 2020, which is has been Read more…

By John Russell

Meet the ISC20 Cluster Teams – Then Bet on Them!

June 21, 2020

It’s time to meet the teams competing for the ISC20 Student Cluster Competition crown in this, the first virtual Student Cluster Competition. The students h Read more…

By Dan Olds

Intel Debuts Cooper Lake Xeons for 4- and 8-Socket Platforms

June 18, 2020

Intel today unveiled its third-generation Scalable Xeon processor family (codenamed Cooper Lake) for four- and eight-socket servers, aimed at AI and analytics w Read more…

By Tiffany Trader

Intel Launches Stratix 10 NX FPGAs Targeting AI Workloads

June 18, 2020

Intel today introduced its first AI-optimized FPGA – the Stratix 10 NX – which features expanded AI Tensor blocks (30 multipliers and 30 accumulators), inte Read more…

By John Russell

Making the Team South Africa: Defending the Crown

June 15, 2020

As you read this article, 82 university students from 11 countries are working feverishly on a cluster located at the National Supercomputing Centre of Singap Read more…

By Dan Olds

ISC20 Cluster Competition Is a Big Go!

May 20, 2020

The COVID-19 virus has turned the world upside down, causing many an industry event to be canceled. But we have a happy exception to report: the 2020 ISC Stud Read more…

By Dan Olds

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Off the Wire from ISC20

DDN Accelerating Data Storage in 7th Ranked NVIDIA Supercomputer - (07/01/2020)

Inaugural ISC 2020 Digital Touts Record Attendance and Community Praise - (06/30/2020)

MARCONI100 Among the Top 10 Most Powerful Supercomputers - (06/25/2020)

SeRC and Intel Form oneAPI Academic Center of Excellence - (06/23/2020)

Fujitsu and RIKEN Take First Place in Graph500 Ranking with Supercomputer Fugaku - (06/23/2020)

CSC’s Mahti Ranked 48 on the Latest Supercomputer Top500 List - (06/23/2020)

Norway’s Supercomputer Betzy Reaches Position 56 on the Top 500 List - (06/23/2020)

LRZ to Deploy HPE’s Cray CS500 System with Arm Fujitsu A64FX Processors - (06/23/2020)

Australia’s Gadi Supercomputer Recognized on Top500 List - (06/22/2020)

AMD EPYC Processor Adoption Expands with New Supercomputing and High-Performance Cloud Computing System Wins - (06/22/2020)

Arm Technology Powers the World’s Fastest Supercomputer - (06/22/2020)

Japan Captures TOP500 Crown with Arm-Powered Supercomputer - (06/22/2020)

Fujitsu and RIKEN Take First Place Worldwide in TOP500, HPCG, and HPL-AI with Supercomputer Fugaku - (06/22/2020)

Supermicro Announces Support for NVIDIA A100 PCIe GPUs Across 1U, 2U, and 4U GPU Servers Portfolio - (06/22/2020)

System Makers Unveil NVIDIA A100-Powered Servers to Accelerate AI, Data Science and Scientific Computing - (06/22/2020)

Huawei Introduces HPC/AI Solution Featuring its Atlas 900 AI Cluster - (06/22/2020)

Inspur Launches New AI Servers to Support Latest NVIDIA A100 PCIe Gen 4 at ISC20 - (06/22/2020)

Inspur Releases M6 Four-Socket Servers Supporting the 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor and Intel Optane Persistent Memory 200 Series - (06/18/2020)

ASC 24th HPC Connection Workshop at ISC20 Digital - (06/17/2020)

Gauss Centre for Supercomputing Posts Agenda for ISC2020 - (06/17/2020)

Tachyum Reveals HPC/AI Prodigy Motherboard at ISC 2020 Digital - (06/16/2020)

Quantum to Present Storage Architecture Considerations for Machine Learning at ISC 2020 Digital - (06/16/2020)

BSC and FIB-UPC Team Participates Virtually in the ISC Student Cluster Competition 2020 - (06/10/2020)

KAUST Research Team Wins 2020 GCS Award - (06/08/2020)

GCS Supports Three University Teams in ISC20 Student Cluster Competition - (05/29/2020)

ISC High Performance Keynotes Reflect ‘Shaping Tomorrow’ Theme of 2020 Event - (03/04/2020)


Accelerating Research Innovation with Qumulo’s File Data Platform

Join Jed Krisch from the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC, to learn why the University selected Qumulo’s file data platform to support its growing number of researchers, university students and faculty. This presentation also includes a demonstration and comments by Keith Narji, Field CTO for the Americas and Molly Presley, Product Marketing Leader at Qumulo.

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Breaking Down the Barriers to HPC in the Cloud

Current studies and trends indicate a shift beyond HPC experimentation in public clouds to increasing adoption and maturation in cloud HPC offerings. This webcast focuses on how to unleash the on-demand compute power of cloud HPC and ensure a successful workload-based approach. Join AWS; Western Digital; and Flux7, an NTT DATA Company, for a transparent and in-depth discussion on the latest innovations

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Popular AI Use Cases

In this SpotlightON we take a look at the fast-expanding world of AI use cases. In some sense it’s harder to identify what won’t be a potential use case for AI. Today, finance, internet commerce, healthcare, energy discovery and management, and IoT applications are all hot beds of AI development and deployment. Many more will follow. Learn how your work day and business may benefit from these experiences.

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