Top HPC Players Creating New Security Architecture Amid Neglect

Security of high-performance computers is being neglected in the pursuit of horsepower, and there are concerns that the ignorance may be costly if safeguards are not in place to protect these hig

By Agam Shah

Supercomputing Leaders Discuss Resilience in the Face of Growing Crises

Many panels at SC22 focused on how supercomputing centers can help others recover from disasters – but one panel, “Facing the Unexpected: Disaster Management Capabilities,” focused mainly o

By Oliver Peckham

TACC’s Dan Stanzione Shares Vision for Leadership Computing

Texas Advanced Computing Center Director Dan Stanzione and HPCwire Managing Editor Tiffany Trader met in Dallas to discuss the biggest trends in HPC and the hottest topics of SC22, starting with

By Tiffany Trader

Evolving HPC Cloud: Catching Up with Amazon Web Services’ Ian Colle

Ahead of SC22 in Dallas last month, I met up virtually with Ian Colle, general manager of high performance computing at Amazon Web Services. In this fast-paced interview, Colle walks through the

By Tiffany Trader

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From Exasperation to Exascale: HPE’s Nic Dubé on Frontier’s Untold Story

December 2, 2022

The Frontier supercomputer – still fresh off its chart-topping 1.1 Linpack exaflops run and maintaining its number-one spot on the Top500 list – was still v Read more…

At SC22, Carbon Emissions and Energy Costs Eclipsed Hardware Efficiency

December 2, 2022

The race to ever-better flops-per-watt and power usage effectiveness (PUE) has, historically, dominated the conversation over sustainability in HPC – but at S Read more…

Chipmakers Looking at New Architecture to Drive Computing Ahead

November 23, 2022

The ability to scale current computing designs is reaching a breaking point, and chipmakers such as Intel, Qualcomm and AMD are putting their brains together on an alternate architecture to push computing forward. The chipmakers are coalescing around the new concept of sparse computing, which involves bringing computing to data... Read more…

SC22’s ‘HPC Accelerates’ Plenary Stresses Need for Collaboration

November 21, 2022

Every year, SC has a theme. For SC22 – held last week in Dallas – it was “HPC Accelerates”: a theme that conference chair Candace Culhane said reflected Read more…

Quantum – Are We There (or Close) Yet? No, Says the Panel

November 19, 2022

For all of its politeness, a fascinating panel on the last day of SC22 – Quantum Computing: A Future for HPC Acceleration? – mostly served to illustrate the Read more…

RISC-V Is Far from Being an Alternative to x86 and Arm in HPC

November 18, 2022

One of the original RISC-V designers this week boldly predicted that the open architecture will surpass rival chip architectures in performance. "The prediction is two or three years we'll be surpassing your architectures and available performance with... Read more…

Gordon Bell Special Prize Goes to LLM-Based Covid Variant Prediction

November 17, 2022

For three years running, ACM has awarded not only its long-standing Gordon Bell Prize (read more about this year’s winner here!) but also its Gordon Bell Spec Read more…

2022 Gordon Bell Prize Goes to Plasma Accelerator Research

November 17, 2022

At the awards ceremony at SC22 in Dallas today, ACM awarded the 2022 ACM Gordon Bell Prize to a team of researchers who used four major supercomputers – inclu Read more…

Gordon Bell Nominee Used LLMs, HPC, Cerebras CS-2 to Predict Covid Variants

November 17, 2022

Large language models (LLMs) have taken the tech world by storm over the past couple of years, dominating headlines with their ability to generate convincing hu Read more…

Jack Dongarra: A Not So Simple Matter of Software

November 16, 2022

For a few moments, the atmosphere was more Rock Concert than Supercomputing Conference with many members of a packed audience standing, cheering, and waving signs as Jack Dongarra took the stage to deliver the annual ACM Turing Award lecture at SC22. Read more…

Europe’s Chip Sovereignty Altering US Chip Companies’ Exascale Approach

November 16, 2022

Europe’s sovereign approach to exascale computing is complicating plans for U.S. chipmakers to breakthrough in the market, and in the process, empowering local chipmakers. For one, a European chip startup called SiPearl is emerging as an early... Read more…

Nvidia’s H100 Debuts in ‘Henri,’ Topping the Green500 List

November 14, 2022

Nvidia’s H100 GPU, the flagship of its Hopper architecture, has debuted on the Top500 and Green500 lists at SC22. The new GPU appears in the relatively small Read more…

Frontier Keeps Top Supercomputer Spot, Nvidia’s H100 Debuts on List

November 14, 2022

The 60th edition of the Top500 list, revealed today at SC22 in Dallas, Texas, showcases many of the same systems as the previous installment, with Frontier stil Read more…

MLCommons Issues MLPerf HPC Training Results for Larger Systems

November 14, 2022

MLCommons last week issued its third annual set of MLPerf HPC (v2.0) results intended to showcase the performance of larger systems when training more rigorous Read more…

Dell Builds Tech for Quantum Computers to Interface with Conventional Systems

November 14, 2022

Dell is creating the building blocks to assimilate quantum computers into conventional IT infrastructures as it opens datacenters to new types of accelerated co Read more…

Nvidia Bolsters Omniverse for HPC, Announces NOAA-Lockheed Partnership

November 14, 2022

Over the past months, Nvidia has put a spotlight on its OVX hardware – purpose-built systems aimed at its Omniverse digital twins platform. Now, at SC22, Nvid Read more…

Cerebras Builds ‘Exascale’ AI Supercomputer

November 14, 2022

Cerebras is putting down stakes to be a player in the AI cloud computing with a supercomputer called Andromeda, which achieves over an exaflops of "AI performan Read more…

2022 Road Trip Tour Stop #4: NREL

November 12, 2022

It’s only 25 miles from NCAR to NREL, so I have time to gas up, get a sandwich, and even catch a car wash before my tour stop at NREL. Feeling refreshed, I pu Read more…

AMD’s Genoa CPUs Offer Up to 96 5nm Cores Across 12 Chiplets

November 10, 2022

AMD’s fourth-generation Epyc processor line has arrived, starting with the “general-purpose” architecture, called “Genoa,” the successor to third-gen Eypc Milan, which debuted in March of last year. At a launch event held today in San Francisco, AMD announced the general availability of the latest Epyc CPUs with up to 96 TSMC 5nm Zen 4 cores... Read more…

Nvidia Adds Rescale Software Stack to AI Cloud Computing

November 9, 2022

Nvidia does not have all the internal pieces to build out its massive AI computing empire, so it is enlisting software and hardware partners to scale its so-called AI factories in the cloud. The chip maker's latest partnership is with Rescale, which provides the middleware to orchestrate high-performance computing workloads on public and... Read more…

Intel Launches ‘Max Series’ Rebrand for Ponte Vecchio, Sapphire Rapids HBM

November 9, 2022

Ahead of SC22 (next week!), Intel today announced a major rebrand of its forthcoming datacenter-focused products. In short: the fourth-generation Xeon CPU with Read more…

Hyperion Paints a Positive Picture of the HPC Market

November 8, 2022

Return to normalcy is too strong, but the latest portrait of the HPC market presented by Hyperion Research yesterday is a positive one. Total 2022 HPC revenue ( Read more…

Q&A with SC22 Job Fair Chair Kate Carter

November 8, 2022

Everyone knows about the workforce challenges in high-performance computing. Whether from the candidate’s point of view or from the perspective of the academic, lab and vendor institutions, it's important to find the right fit. SC22, which takes place next week (Nov. 13-18) in Dallas, is hosting a job fair to help make these career connections. Read more…

Tour Stop #2: Idaho Lights it Up

November 7, 2022

I didn’t have to drive much to check Idaho National Laboratory (INL) off my 2022 Great American Supercomputing Road Trip list. The interview was originally sc Read more…

Supercomputing Road Trip: Pacific Northwest Kick-Off

November 5, 2022

The 2022 Great American Supercomputing Road Trip started in fine style with my first stop at Pacific Northwest National Lab in Richland, Washington – about 250 miles from home base. This was my first visit to the lab and I came away highly impressed by their ambitious projects plus the range and depth of their work. In total... Read more…

EarthSci@SC22 Will Be Held As Pre-Conference Workshop

November 2, 2022

Elizabeth Leake, Director of Research Computing Services at Boise State University and founder of STEM-Trek Nonprofit, was recently awarded a National Science F Read more…

Do You Believe in Science? Take the HPC Covid Safety Pledge

September 28, 2022

ISC 2022 was back in person, and the celebration was on. Frontier had been named the first exascale supercomputer on the Top500 list, and workshops, poster sess Read more…

Inside the Gordon Bell Prize Finalist Projects

September 7, 2022

The ACM Gordon Bell Prize, which comes with a $10,000 award courtesy of HPC luminary Gordon Bell, is widely considered the highest prize in high-performance com Read more…

Q&A with Candace Culhane, SC22 General Chair and an HPCwire Person to Watch in 2022

May 14, 2022

HPCwire is pleased to present our interview with SC22 General Chair Candace Culhane, program/project director at Los Alamos National Lab and an HPCwire 2022 Person to Watch. In this exclusive Q&A, Culhane covers her history with conference and... Read more…

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Off the Wire from SC22

OSC Highlights Contributions to Major Conferences on Supercomputing - (12/01/2022)

UC San Diego Students Win HPL Benchmark at SC22 - (12/01/2022)

ACCESS Highlights SC22 Participation - (11/29/2022)

LUMI Reports a Successful SC22 - (11/28/2022)

ACM Gordon Bell Prize for Climate Modelling Now Accepting Nominations - (11/17/2022)

LLNL Researchers Win HPCwire Award at SC22 - (11/17/2022)

XSEDE Receives Honors in 2022 HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards - (11/17/2022)

LUMI’s 2nd Pilot Phase in Full Swing - (11/17/2022)

EuroHPC Supercomputers Achieve Top Rankings on TOP500 and Green500 Lists Once Again - (11/17/2022)

AlmaLinux 9.1 Released - (11/17/2022)

OpenHPC Announces the Release of OpenHPC v2.6 - (11/16/2022)

Informal Poll of SC22 Attendees Suggests a Bright Future for Composability - (11/16/2022)

Motivair Extends Strategic Collaboration with Supermicro - (11/16/2022)

BeeGFS Receives Honors in 2022 HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards - (11/16/2022)

LUMI Receives Honors in 2022 HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards - (11/16/2022)

SDSC Receives Honors in 2022 HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards - (11/16/2022)

Argonne Researchers Share Leading-Edge Work in Computing and AI at SC22 - (11/16/2022)

NCSA Receives Honors in 2022 HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards - (11/16/2022)

BSC Receives Double Honors in 2022 HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards - (11/16/2022)

SCinet Spirit of Innovation Award Recognizes 17 Contributors’ Role in Supporting Activities for SC22 - (11/16/2022)

Argonne Wins 3 HPCwire Awards - (11/16/2022)

Supermicro Unveils Portfolio of Air and Liquid Cooled Systems Incorporating 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors - (11/16/2022)

Submer SmartPodX Cooling Technology Featuring 4th Gen AMD EPYC Processors - (11/15/2022)

DDN Expands AI Computing Collaborations - (11/15/2022)

IntelliProp to Showcase CXL Fabric Management Switch at SC22 - (11/15/2022)

Rescale Announces Slurm-Rescale Connector - (11/15/2022)

PSC Receives International Honors for AI-Driven Science - (11/15/2022)

DDN Awarded Best HPC Storage Product or Technology in HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards - (11/15/2022)

Liqid Releases New Slurm Plugin and CXL Demo at SC22 - (11/15/2022)

LUMI & Leonardo Among the World’s Five Most Powerful Supercomputers - (11/15/2022)

Australia’s Setonix Named 4th Greenest Supercomputer in the World - (11/15/2022)

TACC Receives Six Honors in 2022 HPCwire Readers’ And Editors’ Choice Awards - (11/15/2022)

Atos Delivers EuroHPC Leonardo Supercomputer, Ranked 4th Worldwide - (11/15/2022)

Supercomputer Fugaku Retains 1st Place Worldwide in HPCG and Graph500 Rankings - (11/15/2022)

Penguin Solutions Launches HPC/AI Control Plane, Announces Google Cloud Partnership - (11/15/2022)

UberCloud and SUSE: Next Generation HPC Accelerates Innovation - (11/14/2022)

HPCwire Reveals Winners of the 2022 Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards During SC22 - (11/14/2022)

ASRock Rack Announces Presence at SC22 - (11/14/2022)

Iceotope Previews New Precision Immersion Solution - (11/14/2022)

Lenovo Celebrates 10 Years of Lenovo Neptune Cooling Tech at SC22; Announces Contract with Potsdam Institute for Climate Research (PIK) - (11/14/2022)

TACC’s Lonestar6 Supercomputer Gets GPU and Server Boost - (11/14/2022)

IonQ to Present End-to-End Quantum Computing Solutions at SC22 - (11/14/2022)

NASA Outlines SC22 Participation - (11/14/2022)

NVIDIA and Dell Technologies Deliver AI and HPC Performance with Hopper, at SC22 - (11/14/2022)

NVIDIA Announces Platform to Solve HPC Problems at the Edge - (11/14/2022)

DE-CIX Dallas Becomes Part of SCinet at SC22 - (11/14/2022)

NVIDIA H100 and Quantum-2 Systems Announced Worldwide - (11/14/2022)

TYAN Showcases Upcoming 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor Powered HPC Platforms at SC22 - (11/14/2022)

Gordon Bell Finalist Applies Large Language Models to Predict New COVID Variants - (11/14/2022)

Juniper Networks Provides Networking Infrastructure to Power SC22 - (11/14/2022)

GIGABYTE’s Latest Enterprise Solutions on Display at SC22 - (11/14/2022)

Atos Offers HPC Cloud Access to Bulgarian and EuroHPC Supercomputer, Discoverer - (11/14/2022)

Penguin Solutions Announces New Release of Scyld Software - (11/14/2022)

Argonne Lab Announces Deployment of Altair PBS Professional to Advance Scientific Discoveries - (11/14/2022)

OSS and TMGcore to Demonstrate World’s 1st Two-Phase Liquid-Immersion AI Transportable Supercomputer at SC22 - (11/14/2022)

Zettar to Demonstrate Data Migration with NVIDIA DPU at SC22 - (11/14/2022)

Kalray Announces Major Contract with Tech Industry Leader - (11/14/2022)

AIC’s New Edge Server Platform Powered by 4th Gen AMD EPYC Processors to Debut at SC22 - (11/11/2022)

UnifabriX Announces Exit of Stealth Mode, Reveals Full Scope of Its CXL-based Product  - (11/11/2022)

Argonne Researchers to Share Work in Computing and AI at SC22 - (11/11/2022)

OpenMP Architecture Review Board Releases Technical Report 11 - (11/11/2022)

Indiana University Shines at SC22 - (11/11/2022)

CXL Consortium Set to Present and Showcase Technology Demonstrations at SC’22 in Dallas, TX - (11/10/2022)

DOE to Showcase Advances in Supercomputing and National Lab Expertise at SC22 - (11/10/2022)

Gauss Centre for Supercomputing Highlights SC22 Presence - (11/10/2022)

SC22 Student Cluster Competition Goes Hybrid with Chair Steve Leak - (11/10/2022)

Atempo Announces 1st Multi-Service Data Management Platform that Interoperates with Any File HPC Storage On-prem and Cloud - (11/10/2022)

Ethernet Alliance Champions Multivendor Interoperability at SC22 - (11/09/2022)

DDN Announces Expansion of Its Services Portfolio - (11/09/2022)

New InfiniBand Specification Enables Data Centers with Enhanced Switch Density and Scale Out Features - (11/09/2022)

Exascale Computing Project Details SC22 Participation - (11/09/2022)

GigaIO Expands New Architecture, Launches Editions for Life Sciences & Manufacturing at SC22 - (11/08/2022)

HPE Expands Supercomputing Portfolio with New HPE Cray EX and XD Systems - (11/08/2022)

Tachyum’s Rob Reiner to Present on HPC/AI Performance at SC22 - (11/08/2022)

Brookhaven Scientists Ready to Show How ‘HPC Accelerates’ at SC22 - (11/07/2022)

SC22 General Chair Candace Culhane Welcomes Attendees - (11/04/2022)

Chung-hsing Hsu and Wu Feng to Receive Annual Test of Time Award at SC22 for Their SC05 Paper - (11/04/2022)

SDSC and GigaIO to Highlight $11.25M Composable Cyberinfrastructure Ecosystem at SC22 - (10/28/2022)

Women in HPC Returns to SC22 - (10/17/2022)

Torsten Hoefler to Receive the IEEE Computer Society Sidney Fernbach Memorial Award 2022 - (10/06/2022)

Satoshi Matsuoka Receives 2022 IEEE CS Seymour Cray Award - (10/06/2022)

Jack Dongarra Donates Honorarium to Students@SC Program - (10/05/2022)

SCinet Set to Unveil Wi-Fi 6E Network Technology at SC22 - (09/15/2022)

Ian Foster to Receive ACM-IEEE CS Ken Kennedy Award - (09/07/2022)

SC22 Rescinds COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement - (08/24/2022)

SC22 Reveals New Digital Experience Features for Virtual Attendees - (08/11/2022)

Call for Papers: Research Software Engineers in HPC Workshop 2022 - (07/08/2022)

Jack Dongarra to Present the ACM A.M. Turing Award Lecture as SC22 Keynote Event - (06/14/2022)


Why IT Must Have an Influential Role in Strategic Decisions About Sustainability

In this era, expansion in digital infrastructure capacity is inevitable. Parallel to this, climate change consciousness is also rising, making sustainability a mandatory part of the organization’s functioning. As computing workloads such as AI and HPC continue to surge, so does the energy consumption, posing environmental woes. IT departments within organizations have a crucial role in combating this challenge. They can significantly drive sustainable practices by influencing newer technologies and process adoption that aid in mitigating the effects of climate change.

While buying more sustainable IT solutions is an option, partnering with IT solutions providers, such and Lenovo and Intel, who are committed to sustainability and aiding customers in executing sustainability strategies is likely to be more impactful.

Learn how Lenovo and Intel, through their partnership, are strongly positioned to address this need with their innovations driving energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

Download Now

Sponsored by Lenovo


How Direct Liquid Cooling Improves Data Center Energy Efficiency

Data centers are experiencing increasing power consumption, space constraints and cooling demands due to the unprecedented computing power required by today’s chips and servers. HVAC cooling systems consume approximately 40% of a data center’s electricity. These systems traditionally use air conditioning, air handling and fans to cool the data center facility and IT equipment, ultimately resulting in high energy consumption and high carbon emissions. Data centers are moving to direct liquid cooled (DLC) systems to improve cooling efficiency thus lowering their PUE, operating expenses (OPEX) and carbon footprint.

This paper describes how CoolIT Systems (CoolIT) meets the need for improved energy efficiency in data centers and includes case studies that show how CoolIT’s DLC solutions improve energy efficiency, increase rack density, lower OPEX, and enable sustainability programs. CoolIT is the global market and innovation leader in scalable DLC solutions for the world’s most demanding computing environments. CoolIT’s end-to-end solutions meet the rising demand in cooling and the rising demand for energy efficiency.

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Sponsored by CoolIT

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