STEM-Trek NRG@SC23 Workshop: Inspiring and Enlightening!

STEM-Trek, a nonprofit that supports scholarly travel, mentoring, and advanced skills training for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, hosted a pre-conference workshop ahead of the

By Elizabeth Leake

The New Space Age – NASA, SpaceX, AI, and the Artemis Missions

The future of spaceflight lies in the successful transition from an approach in historical past brilliance and relative consistency, such as found in classical music, into a new Space Age utilizi

By Eric Hunter - Global Futurist

The Annual SCinet Mandala

Perhaps you have seen images of Tibetan Buddhists creating beautiful and intricate images with colored sand. These sand mandalas can take weeks to create, only to be ritualistically dismantled wh

By Doug Eadline

SC23: The Ethics of Supercomputing

Why should HPC practitioners care about ethics? And, what are our ethics in HPC? These questions were central to a lively discussion at the SC23 Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) session: With Great Po

By AJ Lauer

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SC23 HPC Student Cluster Smackdown

November 21, 2023

Since 2007, the Student Cluster Competition (SCC) has provided an international multi-day contest for the best and brightest university HPC teams. This year, th Read more…

SCREAM Wins Gordon Bell Climate Prize at SC23

November 21, 2023

The first Gordon Bell Prize for Climate Modeling was presented at SC23 in Denver. The award went to a team led by Sandia National Laboratories that had develope Read more…

SC23 BOF: Inclusivity Progress and Challenges

November 21, 2023

New to SC23 was a series of talks on Inclusivity topics. Sponsored by the Inclusivity Committee and open to all conference attendees, these 90-minute birds-of-a Read more…

China’s HPC Iron Curtain Creating a Top500 Problem

November 21, 2023

At Supercomputing 2023, observers said that the Top500 list of the world's fastest computers needs a shakeup. That is because submissions of benchmarks are d Read more…

Supercomputing 2023: Odds and Ends from the Show

November 20, 2023

This year's fantastic Supercomputing 2023 was back in full form. Attendees seemed to be glad that the show was back in Denver, which was a preferred destination Read more…

Material Simulation with Quantum Accuracy Wins 2023 ACM Gordon Bell Prize

November 20, 2023

Accurately calculating interactions among electrons has been a significant obstacle to reliable material exploration and design through computer modeling. Recen Read more…

Shutterstock 1086444218

HPC Hardware Contracts: Backlash as Security Ignored in Performance Pursuit

November 16, 2023

The security of supercomputers has been grossly ignored in the pursuit of horsepower. Still, there is a growing realization that security is needed to prevent b Read more…

Nvidia Wins SC23, But Gets Socked by Microsoft’s AI Chip

November 16, 2023

Nvidia was invisible with a very small booth and limited floor presence, but thanks to its sheer AI dominance, it was a winner at the Supercomputing 2023. Nv Read more…

Public and Private Sectors Team up to Solve HPC Software Problem 

November 15, 2023

Software implementation in high-performance computing is getting more fragmented as organizations opt for tools in their walled garden environments.  Howeve Read more…

Time Out: We Need to Talk

November 15, 2023

Amid the resounding success of the SC23 "I am HPC" theme, HPCwire learned of an offensive T-shirt displayed on the show floor. The shirt in question is shown be Read more…

Beyond the Box: Scaling GPUs

November 14, 2023

The performance of GigaIO's SuperNODE™ was described in a previous HPCWire article. Accessing 32 GPUs or accelerators (from any vendor) over a shared PCI bus Read more…

SC23 Keynote: Hope, Hustle, and Help 

November 14, 2023

Beyond the sparkling tech, inclusivity is a big theme of this year's Supercomputing 2023 conference, which is in its 35th year.  The keynote by celebrated a Read more…

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Forget Zettascale, Trouble is Brewing in Scaling Exascale Supercomputers

November 14, 2023

In 2021, Intel famously declared its goal to get to zettascale supercomputing by 2027, or scaling today's Exascale computers by 1,000 times. Moving forward t Read more…

Latest CXL Spec Lined up to Support DDR6

November 14, 2023

In a few years, servers may not look the same as memory, storage, and accelerators move to separate enclosures. An interconnect called CXL is making that possib Read more…

Chinese Company Developing 64-core RISC-V Chip with Tech from U.S.

November 13, 2023

Chinese chip maker SophGo is developing a RISC-V chip based on designs from the U.S. company SiFive, which highlights challenges the U.S. government may face in Read more…

Training of 1-Trillion Parameter Scientific AI Begins

November 13, 2023

A US national lab has started training a massive AI brain that could ultimately become the must-have computing resource for scientific researchers. Argonne N Read more…

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Aurora the Survivor: Exascale Supercomputer Arrives After Eight Years of Doom

November 13, 2023

Many products were sacrificed in the eight years it took to bring the Aurora supercomputer to life. Nonetheless, anticipation for the second U.S.Exascale system Read more…

Top500: Aurora Is in the House, But It Is Still Frontier’s Party

November 13, 2023

The fall 2023 TOP500 list is out and Frontier retains its top spot and is still the only exascale machine. However, five new or upgraded systems have shaken up Read more…

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H100 Fading: Nvidia Touts 2024 Hardware with H200 

November 13, 2023

Supercomputing enthusiasts are speed demons, so it made sense for Nvidia to discuss its 2024 computing products at Supercomputing 2023.  Nvidia's next-gener Read more…

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RISC-V Summit: Ghosts of x86 and ARM Linger

November 12, 2023

Editor note: See SC23 RISC-V events at the end of the article At this year's RISC-V Summit, the unofficial motto was "drain the swamp," that is, x86 and Read more…

Gaudi2, 4th Gen Xeon Show Strength in MLPerf Training 3.1, but still Trail Nvidia

November 10, 2023

Price, sufficient performance, and availability has become Intel’s mantra in the AI chip supply wars. Intel’s Gaudi2 accelerator and 4th gen Xeon CPU both p Read more…

What’s Next for EuroHPC? Deep Dive with EuroHPC Exec. Dir. Anders Dam Jensen

November 8, 2023

HPCwire: The last time we spoke was in early May, after the EuroHPC Summit 2023 conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. A lot has happened since then for the EuroHPC Read more…

Ten Years of Delivering HPC Leadership Training 

November 7, 2023

SC23 will mark the tenth anniversary of the HPC Leadership Tutorials. A decade ago, providing training for the HPC community other than for users, programmers, Read more…

Intersect360 Research: Generative AI Winds Fan HPC-AI Market Surge

November 6, 2023

Roaring demand for Generative AI enabling technology – mainly GPUs and GPU-accelerated systems – prompted Intersect360 Research to nudge up its 2023 HPC-AI Read more…

High Performance Sponsorship

October 31, 2023

As you prepare for SC23, I invite you to spend a couple of minutes thinking about who you want to sponsor. I don’t mean who you want to send money to, how the Read more…

Hakeem Oluseyi Explores His Unlikely Journey from the Street to the Stars in SC23 Keynote

September 28, 2023

Defying the odds In the heart of one of the toughest neighborhoods in the country, young Hakeem Oluseyi’s world was a confined space, but his imagination s Read more…

HPC Illuminations Pavilion program

SC23 Support for Underrepresented Research Teams and Institutions (Apply Now)

September 14, 2023

To make SC even more accessible for relevant HPC researchers and technologists with innovative software or hardware, discoveries, or exciting technical content, Read more…

Q&A with Dorian C. Arnold, SC23 General Chair, and an HPCwire Person to Watch in 2023

March 31, 2023

SC23 General Chair Dorian C. Arnold is enthusiastic about this year's conference, which will take place Nov. 12-17 in Denver, Colo. Our exclusive interview with Arnold covers his history with the annual event, what's in store for attendees, and his insights into the HPC landscape writ large. In addition to his work with SC, Arnold is also... Read more…

SC23’s Cristin Merritt Shares Insights from Women’s History Month Interview Series

March 13, 2023

In celebration of Women’s History Month, SC23 is spending the month of March profiling more than 30 women in the field. Here’s what the project’s lead vol Read more…

Leading Solution Providers

ISC 2024 Booth Videos

CGG @ ISC 2024
HPE @ ISC 2024
Intel @ ISC 2024
VUDRA @ ISC 2024

Off the Wire from SC23

Argonne Computing Research Wins Accolades - (02/09/2024)

UC San Diego Students Win MLPerf Contest at SC23 - (02/02/2024)

Jülich’s Sandra Diaz Leads Discussion on Neuroscience and HPC at SC23 - (12/11/2023)

LLNL’s Doerfert Awarded IEEE Computer Society Early Career Researchers Award - (11/22/2023)

PSC Recognized for Advances in Clean Energy Technology, Application of New Technology to Industrial Problem - (11/21/2023)

Perlmutter System Played Role in 2 2023 Gordon Bell Prize Winning Projects - (11/20/2023)

2023 ACM Gordon Bell Prize Awarded to International Team for Materials Simulations Which Achieve Quantum Accuracy at Scale - (11/17/2023)

LLNL-Led Climate Model Simulation Wins Inaugural ACM Gordon Bell Prize for Climate Modelling - (11/17/2023)

SC24: Applications for WINS Open December 4, 2023 - (11/17/2023)

ACCESS Excellence Spotlighted with HPCwire Awards Honoring Innovations in High-Performance Computing - (11/16/2023)

TACC Receives Honors in 2023 HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards - (11/16/2023)

Argonne Shares Strong Early Performance Numbers for Aurora Supercomputer - (11/16/2023)

Sandia National Labs’ Supercomputer Stout Ranks 87th in Top500 - (11/16/2023)

Join the SC24 Team as a Lead Student Volunteer: Application Window Opens December 4 - (11/16/2023)

BSC Enhances DPU Accessibility in HPC with the Introduction of the ODOS Project - (11/16/2023)

CoolIT Systems Collaborates with Gigabyte at SC23 - (11/16/2023)

NCSA Receives Honors in 2023 HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards - (11/16/2023)

Vultr and Rescale Advance HPC to Accelerate Engineering Innovation Worldwide - (11/15/2023)

Avicena Presents Compact 1Tbps Optical Transceiver at SC23, Enhancing AI and Memory Capabilities - (11/15/2023)

WEKA Partners with Applied Digital to Supercharge Its GPU Cloud for Generative AI Customers - (11/15/2023)

GigaIO Awarded Multiple HPCwire Editors’ Choice Awards for 32 GPU AI Supercomputer - (11/15/2023)

NAG Launches Virtual Supercomputer Managed Service, Redefining HPC Accessibility and Simplicity for Industrial Users - (11/15/2023)

TYAN Announces Advanced Server Line-Up Featuring 4th Gen AMD EPYC and Ryzen Processors at SC23 - (11/15/2023)

VAST Data Wins 2 HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards for Best HPC Storage Technology and Best Use of HPC in Financial Services - (11/15/2023)

New Details Revealed at SC23 on JUPITER’s Advanced Tech Set to Transform European Computing - (11/15/2023)

Hammerspace Honored as an HPCwire Editors’ Choice ‘Top 5 New Products or Technology’ at SC23 - (11/15/2023)

CLUSSTER Project: French Consortium Leads the Way in AI and Quantum Cloud Development - (11/15/2023)

HPC-AI Advisory Council Announces Results for the 6th APAC HPC-AI Competition - (11/15/2023)

PEAK:AIO Partners with Boston Limited to Reveal Boston Igloo AI+ at SC23, Transforming AI Storage Capabilities - (11/15/2023)

Hitachi Vantara and Quobyte Unveil New Partnership at SC23, Enhancing Data Management in HPC - (11/15/2023)

ORNL’s Frontier Achieves Near-Quantum Accuracy in Alloy Simulation, Contends for Gordon Bell Prize - (11/14/2023)

TierPoint Selects DDC Cabinet Technology to Propel AI Workloads in Ultra-High-Density Data Center - (11/14/2023)

DDN and Sandia National Laboratories Enhance Infinia Ecosystem for HPC Workload Management - (11/14/2023)

BSC’s MareNostrum 5 Makes Its Mark on Top500, Enhancing Scientific Exploration - (11/14/2023)

Quobyte Introduces New RDMA Feature at SC23, Enhancing High-Performance Storage - (11/14/2023)

Cornelis Networks Receives Honors in 2023 HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards - (11/14/2023)

Latest Top500 List Highlights Several World’s Fastest and Most Efficient Supercomputers Powered by AMD - (11/14/2023)

Liqid Unveils UltraStack 16-Way NVIDIA L40S Server Design at SC23 - (11/14/2023)

TYAN Unveils New Immersion Cooling Solution at SC23, Advancing Server Efficiency - (11/14/2023)

Eviden Increases Presence in TOP500 with 48 Systems, Achieving 11 Spots in TOP100 and 2 in TOP10 - (11/14/2023)

Altair Announces Next-Generation Altair HPCWorks 2024 - (11/14/2023)

Kalray Announces Availability of New NG-Box NVMe Storage Solution for Data-Intensive and AI Applications - (11/14/2023)

SDSC Receives Honors in 2023 HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards - (11/14/2023)

Motivair Unveils New MCDU-30 For AI Workloads - (11/14/2023)

Seagate Unveils Exos CORVAULT 4U106: Advancing Mass Data Storage with 2.5PB Capacity - (11/14/2023)

Supercomputer Fugaku Retains 1st Place Worldwide in HPCG and Graph500 Rankings - (11/14/2023)

GENCI Announces Major Upgrade to Adastra Supercomputer with AMD’s Latest APU - (11/14/2023)

ASRock Showcases AI and HPC Servers with NVIDIA Technology at SC23 - (11/14/2023)

Zettar Unveils Data Movement Appliance at SC23 in Partnership with AIC and Intel - (11/14/2023)

LLNL and Sandia Set New Benchmarks in Supercomputing with NNSA’s Latest Clusters - (11/14/2023)

HPCwire Reveals Winners of the 20th Annual Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards During SC23 Conference - (11/13/2023)

LUMI Retains Its Position as Europe’s Fastest Supercomputer in the Latest Top500 Rankings - (11/13/2023)

MSI Introduces New AI Server Platforms with Liquid Cooling Feature at SC23 - (11/13/2023)

Intel Introduces 23 New Systems to TOP500 List, Highlighting Data Center GPU and CPU Advances - (11/13/2023)

XConn Announces Partnership with Liqid for Advanced Composable Memory Solutions - (11/13/2023)

Hammerspace and Vcinity Join Forces to Give Users Faster Data Access, Independent of Location and Type of Applications - (11/13/2023)

HPE Launches New Software Suite for AI Development, Leveraging Cray Supercomputing and NVIDIA Tech - (11/13/2023)

Panasas Introduces S3-Compatible PanFS 10, Bridging Cloud and On-Premise AI/HPC Workloads - (11/13/2023)

Supermicro Expands AI Solutions with the Upcoming NVIDIA HGX H200 and MGX Grace Hopper Platforms Featuring HBM3e Memory - (11/13/2023)

GIGABYTE Demonstrates the Future of Computing at SC23 with Advanced Cooling and Scaled Data Centers - (11/13/2023)

Intel Advances Scientific Research and Performance for New Wave of Supercomputers - (11/13/2023)

TACC Announces Vista: A New AI-Centric Supercomputing System for Advanced Research - (11/13/2023)

GigaIO Expands Strategic Partnerships with Induction into Dell Technologies’ OEM Program - (11/13/2023)

NVIDIA H200 Debuts, Promising Next-Level AI Computing Capabilities - (11/13/2023)

NeuReality Introduces Advanced AI Inference Technologies at SC23 - (11/13/2023)

OSS to Unveil New Gen 5 AI Transportable Compute Server for the Edge at SC23 - (11/13/2023)

ZutaCore to Showcase Waterless Direct Liquid Cooling Tech at SC23 - (11/13/2023)

ECP to Showcase Diverse Expertise at SC23 with Presentations, Panels, and Workshops - (11/10/2023)

GigaIO Reveals Latest Breakthrough in Single-Node GPU Power - (11/10/2023)

CIQ Experts Gear Up for Engaging Demos and Talks at SC23 - (11/09/2023)

Fujitsu to Showcase New Resource Allocation Tech at SC23 in Response to GPU Scarcity - (11/09/2023)

Argonne Researchers to Present Cutting-Edge Work at SC23 - (11/09/2023)

GENCI/CEA, FZJ, and PASQAL Announce Significant Milestone in Hybrid Computing - (11/09/2023)

Hammerspace Showcases High-Performance Data Orchestration for HPC and AI Workloads at SC23 - (11/09/2023)

Berkeley Lab CS Area to Share Computing Expertise at SC23 - (11/08/2023)

JetCool to Unveil New Liquid Cooling Solution for NVIDIA H100 GPUs at SC23 - (11/08/2023)

NERSC Celebrates Milestone: Director Sudip Dosanjh Announces Vision for Next 50 Years at SC23 - (11/08/2023)

Ayar Labs Showcases 4 Tbps Optically-enabled Intel FPGA at SC23 - (11/08/2023)

Gordon Bell Prize Finalists at Argonne Use Supercomputers to Study Nuclear Reactor Design, Climate Modeling - (11/08/2023)

Cornelis Networks to Exhibit, Speak and Showcase Latest Technology at SC23 - (11/08/2023)

Perlmutter Supercomputer Supports Two 2023 Gordon Bell Finalists - (11/07/2023)

ACCESS Unveils Interactive Experience at Booth 219 for SC23 Attendees - (11/07/2023)

Penguin Solutions to Showcase Expertise in AI and HPC at SC23 - (11/06/2023)

Untether AI’s CEO, Arun Iyengar, to Present AI Innovation Insights at SC23 - (11/06/2023)

Groq Unveils New Low Latency LPU System at SC23, Paving the Way for Future AI Applications - (10/26/2023)

MGHPCC to Feature HPC-Enabled Research Projects at SC23 - (10/24/2023)

Women in HPC Promises Memorable Moments with Dynamic Lineup at Denver’s SC23 - (10/18/2023)

SC23 Spotlight: ACM Introduces First-Ever Gordon Bell Prize for Climate Modeling - (09/20/2023)

SC23 Spotlight: Gordon Bell Prize 2023 Finalists Showcase Diverse Supercomputing Applications - (09/11/2023)

SC23 Enhances Inclusivity: Introducing New Exhibit Opportunities for Emerging HPC Researchers - (08/10/2023)

SIGHPC Offers SC23 Travel Grants for Students and Early Career HPC Professionals - (08/09/2023)

‘Millisecond-Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations on Anton’ Wins SC23’s Test of Time Award - (08/08/2023)

Mentor–Protégé Matching at SC23: A New Path to Career Advancement in HPC - (08/07/2023)

SC23 Registration Opens July 12 - (06/30/2023)

Chief Strategist for the High Performance Computing Modernization Program Talks with SC23 Comms Team - (06/01/2023)

Network Research Exhibition Seeks Cutting-Edge Proposals for SC23 - (05/12/2023)

HPC Perspectives: SC23 Interviews Tom Tabor, CEO of Tabor Communications - (05/11/2023)

SC23 General Chair, Students@SC Chair Discuss Student Opportunities at SC23 - (04/28/2023)

SC23: Call for Panel Proposals - (04/12/2023)

Join the SC23 Webinar for Students & Educators on April 21 - (04/06/2023)

OmniScale Media Selected as Strategic Communications Partner for SC23  - (03/21/2023)

SC23: Papers + Reproducibility Put the ‘Super’ in Supercomputing Year After Year - (03/06/2023)

Save the Date: SC23 Webinar for Students & Educators - (03/06/2023)

SC23: Dedication and Determination Powers SCinet to InfiniBand and Beyond - (02/09/2023)

SC23: Looking Back to Get Ahead — the Test of Time Award - (02/07/2023)

SC23 WINS Program Offers Life-Changing Experience to Mid-Career Women - (12/22/2022)

SC23 Lead Student Volunteer Applications Now Open - (12/05/2022)

General Chair Dorian Arnold Outlines Vision for SC23 - (11/21/2022)


Why IT Must Have an Influential Role in Strategic Decisions About Sustainability

In this era, expansion in digital infrastructure capacity is inevitable. Parallel to this, climate change consciousness is also rising, making sustainability a mandatory part of the organization’s functioning. As computing workloads such as AI and HPC continue to surge, so does the energy consumption, posing environmental woes. IT departments within organizations have a crucial role in combating this challenge. They can significantly drive sustainable practices by influencing newer technologies and process adoption that aid in mitigating the effects of climate change.

While buying more sustainable IT solutions is an option, partnering with IT solutions providers, such and Lenovo and Intel, who are committed to sustainability and aiding customers in executing sustainability strategies is likely to be more impactful.

Learn how Lenovo and Intel, through their partnership, are strongly positioned to address this need with their innovations driving energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

Download Now

Sponsored by Lenovo


How Direct Liquid Cooling Improves Data Center Energy Efficiency

Data centers are experiencing increasing power consumption, space constraints and cooling demands due to the unprecedented computing power required by today’s chips and servers. HVAC cooling systems consume approximately 40% of a data center’s electricity. These systems traditionally use air conditioning, air handling and fans to cool the data center facility and IT equipment, ultimately resulting in high energy consumption and high carbon emissions. Data centers are moving to direct liquid cooled (DLC) systems to improve cooling efficiency thus lowering their PUE, operating expenses (OPEX) and carbon footprint.

This paper describes how CoolIT Systems (CoolIT) meets the need for improved energy efficiency in data centers and includes case studies that show how CoolIT’s DLC solutions improve energy efficiency, increase rack density, lower OPEX, and enable sustainability programs. CoolIT is the global market and innovation leader in scalable DLC solutions for the world’s most demanding computing environments. CoolIT’s end-to-end solutions meet the rising demand in cooling and the rising demand for energy efficiency.

Download Now

Sponsored by CoolIT

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