SpotlightON: Archival Storage for Technical Computing Infrastructures

Spotlight ON: Archival Storage for Technical Computing InfrastructuresWhile processors or accelerators may be quick to enter the HPC spotlight, when it comes to meeting growing data demands, storage is often the unsung hero. For organizations looking to scale out, innovations in storage technology offer a surplus of options. Join us and see firsthand how the industry’s major players are leveraging storage tools from tape to flash and find out how you too can rein in your growing datasets.

– This 28-page compendium covers:

  • Balancing disk and tape storage
  • Active archiving and retrieval software
  • Consumer technologies for commercial data storage
  • …and more!

This paper is produced by Tabor Custom Publishing in conjunction with HPCwire and EnterpriseTech, and sponsored by Re-Store.

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