Streamline Precision Medicine Workloads with QCT POD for Medical

The growing field of precision medicine provides great promise for Next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS), medical imaging, and molecular dynamics used in drug discovery research. Precision medicine research results in massive amounts of data and data-intensive workloads which require using High Performance Computing (HPC) systems for computer simulation and systems capable of running Artificial Intelligence (AI) workloads. Many organizations have separate compute and storage systems that are not capable of meeting precision medicine demands.

Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) developed the QCT POD for Medical solution containing common building blocks for on-premises, rack-level systems with integrated hardware and software. QCT can tailor infrastructure with server-level systems containing powerful computing resources designed to meet HPC and AI workload needs. The QCT POD for Medical solution best practice system contains pre-configured and pre-validated files, frameworks, environments, and libraries making it easy for users to launch and run tools such as NVIDIA Clara and QOCA AIM.

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