Suzy Tichenor

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Suzy Tichenor

Suzy Tichenor
Director, Industrial Partnerships Program for the Computing and Computational Sciences
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Transferring HPC technology and expertise from supercomputing centers to industry is easier said than done. As director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Industrial Partnership Program, Suzy is in a premier position to help bridge that gap. Her considerable talents, cultivated at Cray and later at the Council on Competitiveness, have given Suzy the kind of unique understanding needed to bring together the academic and industrial HPC camps.

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Suzy Tichenor is Director, Industrial Partnership Program for the Computing and Computational Sciences Directorate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Oak Ridge is the site of the world’s most powerful computing complex for science. The Industrial Partnerships Program provides companies access to the systems and experts at the Laboratory’s two leadership-class high performance computing user facilities, one funded by the Department of Energy and the other by the National Science Foundation in partnership with the University of Tennessee. Ms. Tichenor has 20 years experience creating partnerships and programs at all levels of the government, private sector and not-for-profit organizations. Prior to joining Oak Ridge, she was Vice President of the Council on Competitiveness and directed their High Performance Computing Initiative.

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