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Animal Breeding Steers Toward HPC

Apr 22, 2014 |

A consortium of food industry animal researchers based in the Netherlands have invested more than €700,000 in a joint HPC resource that will enable members to perform calculations related to genetics. The Breed4Food consortium, an initiative of four animal breeding companies and the Animal Breeding and Genomics Centre of Wageningen UR, together with the Centre Read more…

Supercomputing Bolsters Agricultural Science in India

Dec 17, 2013 |

A paradigm shift is occurring within the agricultural sciences, owing to the genomics-based data explosion and concurrent computational advances. In India, leaders are intent on furthering the burgeoning genomic supercomputing discipline through the establishment of a supercomputing center and a nationwide grid to support bioinformatics and agricultural science. A recent article in BioSpectrum explores this transformation, noting that data-intensive nature Read more…

The High-Tech Farm Report: Cloud Computing Comes to Agriculture

Feb 21, 2011 |

Both agriculture research and practice are seeing some benefits from advancements in cloud-based tools and platforms. From hosting of agricultural GPS data to aid in conservation to commercial farm companies, cloud computing and agriculture are merging.