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Entry-Level HPC: Proven at a Petaflop, Affordably Priced!

May 30, 2012 |

Don’t have a super budget? You can still own a premier high performance supercomputer with proven technology and reliability. New entry-level configurations and options enable you to configure the optimal balance of price, performance, power, and footprint for your unique and exacting requirements.

Selecting the Most Effective InfiniBand Topology for Technical Computing

Dec 5, 2011 |

Selecting an appropriate InfiniBand topology requires careful consideration of applications, algorithms, and data sets, along with likely needs for scalability into the future.  The SGI ICE system was purposely designed for InfiniBand networking, and together with the high core density of AMD Opteron 6200 Series processors the platform is capable of achieving industry-leading density and scalability for a broad range of technical computing applications.