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DreamWorks Outsources Animation Work to Chinese Petaflopper

Oct 8, 2012 |

Tianhe-1A enters the CGI rendering business.

Taiwan Readies 70-Teraflop Supercomputer

Feb 29, 2012 |

New system will be used for cloud-based rendering.

Reaching Realism’s Glass Ceiling

Apr 27, 2011 |

Photorealistic rendering for design and animation is pushing multicore processors to their limit with key software advancements.

Studio Execs Discuss Render Farms in the Cloud

Feb 24, 2011 |

While some render farms have found their way to the cloud, some studios are shunning cloud computing due to latency and security concerns.

Asia’s Fastest Supercomputer Props Up Indian Animation

May 4, 2009 |

The 172 teraflop Eka supercomputer was used to render “Roadside Romeo” — India’s first international quality 3D animation film.