Tag: application delivery

A Network Manager’s Utility Belt

Dec 11, 2008 |

The vigilant network manager, like Batman looking down on Gotham, knows that somewhere out there, something bad probably is happening — something that’s making an application go astray. ExtraHop Networks’ Application Delivery Assurance Appliance doesn’t come with batwings, but it does provide tools to hook the kind of data and insight needed to identify the perpetrators of slowdowns and other snafus clogging up the system.

Cloud-Powered SaaS Needs No-Nonsense Backend

Dec 1, 2008 |

With its infrastructure-as-a-service model, BlueLock gives its SaaS-provider customers all the IT and management they need to host their applications in the cloud. Fortunately for all involved, BlueLock found F5 Networks to manage traffic, balance load and optimize application delivery.