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Tag: application performance

Say Hello to the New ADIOS

Sep 12, 2010 |

Last week marked the release of ADIOS 1.2, the latest incarnation of one of computational science’s most effective I/O tools. So far ADIOS has helped researchers make huge strides in fusion, astrophysics and combustion. The new version features some interesting improvements that will doubtless aid researchers in taking full advantage of leading supercomputing platforms.

Cloud and The Application Performance Imperative

Jul 19, 2010 |

Although many HPC users are among the first to consider application performance when looking to the clouds as an alternative, enterprise users might overlook the importance of this aspect of adoption. With poor application performance, any cost benefits of moving to the cloud could be negated.

HPC@Intel: Go Beyond the Kernel

Mar 5, 2009 |

Want to improve application performance by 10x or 100x? Few HPC customers would say no. Benchmarks that focus on kernel performance can provide important information, but only total application benchmarking can give customers a true picture of how an HPC system will function back in their data center.