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Adoption of SaaS in the Life Sciences

Feb 28, 2011 |

In this entry Bruce Maches takes a high-level look at SaaS and how it can be leveraged by these organizations to help them meet their research objectives in a more cost effective and timely manner.

Looking Back at Microsoft’s First Year in the Cloud

Feb 2, 2011 |

Just one year after its formal, public entry into the cloud computing arms race, Microsoft has carved out a sizable user base for its Azure offering. While there are still gaps in terms of use cases relevant to high-performance computing, a range of features signaling its maturation provides some glimmers of hope for what it can provide to HPC cloud users in its second year.

The Enemies of Interoperability

Feb 2, 2011 |

Although interoperability remains a hot topic in debates about cloud providers and end user needs, there is little hope on the horizon for true standards to emerge anytime in the near future. We discussed this issue with John Considine, CTO and founder of CloudSwitch.

Weighing the Cloud ROI for High Performance Computing

Feb 1, 2011 |

Analysts are looking at ways to provide a big picture view for HPC users in the cloud to help them evaluate ROI, however, given the diversity of applications and needs, specific recommendations are hard to come by.

Lessons from the Grid: An Interview with Argonne’s Kate Keahey

Jan 25, 2011 |

In this interview with Kate Keahey from Argonne National Lab, we discuss her background with distributed computing, limitations of the grid, challenges and benefits of cloud computing for HPC and her view on critical elements that the community as a whole—vendor, users, and scientists alike—will need to address as the space matures.

Cisco’s Cloud CTO Clarifies Strategy, Describes Datacenters of the Future

Jan 24, 2011 |

Cisco’s CTO of Cloud Computing, Lew Tucker, came clean on the company’s cloud strategy this week in a video interview. In addition to revealing a rough path for the coming months, Tucker also revealed his insights about the “many clouds” theory, the role of the network in cloud computing, and innovations that could change datacenter design.

Smartphones and Supercomputers: The Emerging Mobile Trend

Dec 15, 2010 |

Cloud computing has opened doors to accessing high-end resources that many organizations were once barred from due to cost. With the convergence of mobile applications that provide interfaces to sophisticated resources, we are on the verge of yet another shift in high-performance computing in the next few years.

NVIDIA’s Senior Solution Architect, Dale Southard on GPU Clouds for HPC

Dec 8, 2010 |

This week we talked to Dale Southard of NVIDIA about the challenges and benefits of providing access to GPU resources in a cloud enviornment. We touch upon issues related to performance, CUDA, future directions, and Dale’s own experiences in HPC and how they carried over to his work with GPU clouds.

CUDA Coming to Power Mobile Cloud

Dec 2, 2010 |

According to NVIDIA, the company is seeking to branch out with CUDA, extending it to power mobile devices of all sizes in order to allow for a richer assortment of multimedia-heavy applications.

Momentum Building in Mobile Cloud Movement

Nov 8, 2010 |

As mobile applications and devices continue to grow in terms of sheer numbers and complexity, traditional software vendors like Microsoft will be well-served by staying ahead of the game. Enterprise applications built for mobility are increasing in number and use–a trend that will be changing the face of IT in coming years.