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Autodesk and the Cloud-Manufacturing Connection

Dec 5, 2011 |

Software vendor Autodesk highlighted its cloud computing focus with the introduction of several cloud-based offerings during the course of the Autodesk University event, which took place in Las Vegas last week.

Autodesk Delivering HPC Cloud for CAE

Oct 20, 2010 |

Autodesk, makers of software for engineers and designers, has slowly been rolling out an increasingly long list of applications that are cloud-ready via their own dedicated servers. The company is attempting to make access and use of their software easier while granting it to a broader range of users.

GPU Technology on Center Stage at GTC ’10

Sep 27, 2010 |

At this year’s GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, GPU computing in the scientific and technical research space took center stage, almost to the point where it became possible, at least for a moment, to forget the gaming roots and movement from the mainstream to the deeply technical.

A “Disruptive Change” for CAD and CAE

Aug 23, 2010 |

Computer-aided design and engineering applications are not reputed for their ability to function well in cloud for a host of technical reasons but there are increasing efforts underway to deliver cloud-ready CAD and CAE offerings.

Autodesk Inching Closer to the Cloud

Jul 23, 2010 |

Autodesk requires significant hardware investment but until recently, most of the software offerings delivered in the SaaS model have been limited. The company’s products are a perfect fit for cloud and the company sees clouds on the horizon for more of its simulation offerings.