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NVIDIA Pascal GPUs Coming to Automotive ‘Supercomputer’

Jan 6, 2016 |

It’s no secret that NVIDIA is eager to take elements of its successful GPGPU ecosystem developed in partnership with the HPC community and transfer these to the much broader, and more lucrative, consumer space. At SC15, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang referred to machine learning as HPC’s first consumer killer app. Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have all made major machine Read more…

The Evolution of HPC in Manufacturing

Jul 22, 2014 |

HPC has reached a tipping point where industry use has expanded dramatically. So what role do supercomputers have in manufacturing? Speaking on this topic is Greg Clifford, manufacturing segment manager at Cray. Manufacturing here refers to any company that’s producing a product, be that automotive and aerospace, consumer products, tire manufacturing, and so on. What Read more…

Safety Simulation Sets Speed Record

May 8, 2014 |

For the automotive and aerospace industries, crash and safety analysis by finite elements is used to shorten the design cycle and reduce costs. Recently, a popular crash/safety simulation set a new speed record. Over on the Cray blog, Greg Clifford, manufacturing segment manager at the historic supercomputing company, explains how LS-DYNA “car2car” simulation reached new Read more…

The Power of Commercial Support for Open Core Products: Tata Steel Automotive Engineering

Aug 22, 2011 |

Like most business savvy customers, Tata Steel Automotive Engineering continuously monitors operational costs in an effort to guarantee they are receiving quality solutions, at cost-effective prices. When Tata Steel originally sought a workload management solution, Grid Engine was the perfect fit as an open-source solution. However, self-support solutions often contain hidden costs and risks, which lead TSAE to evolve from an open source solution to a commercial product with commercial sup­port and an open source core, from Univa Corporation.

High-performance Computing Revs up Simulations like FEA, CFD

Dec 10, 2009 |

Automotive and aerospace simulations get a boost from Windows HPC clusters.

Supercomputer Makes A Big Impact At Audi

Nov 5, 2008 |

Supercomputing used to perform crash test simulations has become a critical technology for automaker Audi.