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Watson Gets a Shot at the Banking Business

Mar 8, 2012 |

IBM and Citigroup introduce the Jeopardy-winning supercomputer to the financial industry.

A Plateau of Productivity for Grids

May 23, 2011 |

According to a recent report from Excelian, grid computing has finally “grown up” which provides a window for users in the financial services industry to consider (and reconsider) best practices for distributed computing and evaluate variations on old models.

Egyptian Startup Accelerates High Performance Accounting

Jan 11, 2011 |

Although Egypt is not exactly the epicenter of high-end computing, a tech startup based in Cairo is looking to make its name in an emerging area of HPC. SilMinds has developed hardware accelerator technology designed to speed up a growing set of financial computing applications. The resulting products represent one of the few hardware-based solutions that support decimal floating point (DFP) math.

Big Banks Take Small, Slow Steps To Cloud

Aug 16, 2010 |

For banks, the march to the cloud is gaining momentum, but at this point, it’s only in theory rather than in practice. While expectations about the role of cloud in the industry are optimistic, adoption remains largely in the application development and testing space alone.

Big Banks Grab Pitchforks, Storm Fortress

Apr 29, 2010 |

Bank of America, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Deutsche Bank have announced that they are forming an alliance to collaborate for the common goal of attempting to cut back on their general IT infrastructure costs by adopting cloud strategies.