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The Network as a Scientific Instrument

Jun 10, 2013 |

Greg Bell was recently tapped to head the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Sciences Network, better known as ESnet. In this piece, he describes how the network itself is part of the scientific process. During his Q&A with Berkley Lab’s Jon Bashor, Bell notes how there are…..

LBNL Looks to Clouds to Handle HPC Growth

Oct 17, 2011 |

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s CIO discussed the institutions evaluation of cloud providers to handle growing needs for high performance computing.

Above the Clouds: An Interview with Armando Fox

Aug 2, 2011 |

If you spend any time reading about scientific computing in the clouds, it is quite likely you have encountered the name Armando Fox at least once. Fox has been writing about cloud computing before the term ever emerged into mainstream computing speak and continues to be a prolific source of information about cutting-edge cloud computing research for scientific and technical computing.

SC10 Video Short: Kathy Yelick on Lawrence Berkeley National Labs and NERSC Projects

Nov 19, 2010 |

We often write about some of the interesting cloud computing research projects taking place via Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and NERSC, so when we had a chance to record Kathy Yelick,, NERSC Director at SC10, we took the opportunity to help put a face to the name and lend insight into what’s happening at one of the more prominent national centers in cloud and HPC research.

Cloud-Driven Tools from Microsoft Research Target Earth, Life Sciences

Oct 19, 2010 |

Last week at their eScience Workshop at the University of California, Berkeley Microsoft Research announced two key technological progress points related to their Azure cloud. The advancements are currently serving researchers in ecological studies as well as biology and further demonstrate the potential of their cloud offering in further scientific computing projects.

Berkeley Lab CIO Rosio Alvarez on HPC Cloud, DOE Objectives

Oct 8, 2010 |

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s CIO, Rosio Alvarez, who works jointly with the DOE to make recommendations about the efficiency and availability of supercomputer and cluster resources, discusses cloud projects and key takeaways to deliver to government leaders.

Cloud’s New Language Set to Bloom

Apr 26, 2010 |

A new, simplified language for programming in cloud environments called “Bloom” is set for release later this year. An interview with one of Bloom’s creators, Joseph Hellerstein of U.C. Berkeley, explains the practical elements.