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Assembling Blue Waters

Mar 20, 2013 |

As NCSA’s Blue Waters supercomputer approaches full service status, we thought it would be appropriate to see how the machine was built.

Dell Revs Up HPC Strategy with New Products and Market Focus

Sep 9, 2010 |

In the HPC market, Dell has established itself as the number three system vendor, trailing only its larger competitors, HP and IBM. Known for offering no-frills performance servers at reasonable prices, Dell has garnered a particularly strong following in higher education and government labs, especially for small and mid-sized clusters. But a recent spate of purpose-built HPC products from the company point to a subtle shift in Dell’s high performance computing strategy.

Verari Reboot Paves Way for New HPC Strategy

Jan 21, 2010 |

New CEO takes company back to the future.

European Vendors Offer Home-Grown Petascale Supers

Jul 2, 2009 |

As American HPC companies retrench, a new crop of European-based vendors is emerging.

Sun Revamps HPC Offerings

Apr 14, 2009 |

Even as analysts and customers wonder whether Sun Microsystems will continue to survive on its own — or whether it wants to — the company continues to push new products out the door. On Tuesday, at Sun’s Parter Summit in Las Vegas, the company introduced a number of new offerings, mostly centered on the recently launched Nehalem EP chips.

Appro Calls Cray Ante With Super Blade Cluster

Feb 17, 2009 |

Supercomputing cluster maker Appro is looking to midrange HPC shops for some new business in this tough economy.