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Brain Science Makes Headway

Sep 30, 2014 |

Brain modeling projects on both sides of the Atlantic are taking off, according to the projects’ leaders. The European Commission-led Human Brain Project (HBP) is on track as it reaches its first anniversary. Criticized by many in the neuroscience community for being overly ambitious, the $1.6 billion project has nevertheless expanded to 112 partners in 24 Read more…

Exascale Brain Simulation Project Attracts Critics

Feb 27, 2012 |

Henry Markram wants a cool €1 billion to fund his new Human Brain Project.

The Next Step in Human Brain Simulation

Jul 11, 2011 |

Can the human brain devise a system capable of understanding itself? That’s been something brain simulation researchers have been working toward for nearly a decade. With recent advances in supercomputing capabilities and modeling techniques, the question may soon be answered.

Researchers Spin Up Supercomputer for Brain Simulation

Jul 7, 2011 |

SpiNNaker project will employ ARM processors to map virtual brain.

Modeling the Brain Within Reach Say Scientists

Aug 17, 2010 |

Speakers at Singularity Summit cheer on post-human intelligence.

Cat Fight Brews Over Cat Brain

Nov 24, 2009 |

EPFL’s Henry Markram belittles brain simulation claims by IBM researcher.

IBM Cat Brain Simulation Research Called a “PR Stunt”

Nov 24, 2009 |

Has Big Blue coughed up a hair ball?

Building a Brain on a Silicon Chip

Mar 25, 2009 |

A chip developed by European scientists simulates the learning capabilities of the human brain.