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Predicting the Next Cloud Boom

Jul 24, 2012 |

According to a new report from Saugatuck Technology, cloud-based business analytics is poised for huge growth over the next two years.

SAS Brings High Performance Analytics to Database Appliances

Apr 19, 2011 |

In early April the SAS Institute (SAS) announced it had integrated its most advanced analytics software into database appliances from EMC Greenplum and Teradata Corporation. The new offerings marry high performance computing to “big data” and are designed to enable users to perform deep analysis on huge datasets hosted on purpose-built, parallel computing platforms.

Palmisano Says IBM Will Double Up Profits By 2015

May 17, 2010 |

Company looks to fuel growth with business analytics, cloud computing, and new services.

At a Software Powerhouse, the Good Life Is Under Siege

Nov 22, 2009 |

SAS is encountering formidable new rivals in its lucrative niche of business intelligence software.