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CAE in the Cloud – New Business Opportunities for Manufacturers and ISVs

Jul 19, 2012 |

Most manufacturers, especially small and medium businesses (SMBs), mainly use desktop workstations for their daily R&D work. Often they do prep work during the day and production runs over-night, resulting in one simulation job per day. In this article, we will investigate how breaking the CAE jobs free from the restrictions of the workstation environment and moving them to the cloud could benefit the CAE engineers as well as the CAE software vendors.

The HPC Gap in US Manufacturing

Feb 24, 2011 |

Using high performance computing to help modernize US manufacturing is one of those good ideas that seems inevitable but always just out of reach. A recent study confirms this, and provides a framework for strengthening the HPC landscape in this sector.

A “Disruptive Change” for CAD and CAE

Aug 23, 2010 |

Computer-aided design and engineering applications are not reputed for their ability to function well in cloud for a host of technical reasons but there are increasing efforts underway to deliver cloud-ready CAD and CAE offerings.

CAE Taking Product Design to a New Level

Jun 2, 2009 |

Altair marketing director Rajneesh Shinde discusses some of the evolutionary changes driving CAE.

Virtual Product Development Gaining Traction

Jan 5, 2009 |

While manufacturers may never be able to completely avoid physical prototyping, best-in-class players are continuing to expand their use of virtual product development.