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Is Virtualization Misunderstood?

Jul 23, 2013 |

A recently published Cisco study found that virtualization, one of the key components of cloud computing implementation, is not well understood in the enterprise community.

Cisco Sees Open Clouds on Horizon

Jun 27, 2011 |

Cisco’s CTO Lew Tucker spells out his company’s cloudy vision and the role that their OpenStack involvement will play in the clouds of the future.

Cisco Lifts Lid on Containers

May 4, 2011 |

Cisco opened the doors on its datacenter-in-a-box offering, CDC, despite relatively low adoption of the mobile DC option.

Cisco’s Cloud CTO Clarifies Strategy, Describes Datacenters of the Future

Jan 24, 2011 |

Cisco’s CTO of Cloud Computing, Lew Tucker, came clean on the company’s cloud strategy this week in a video interview. In addition to revealing a rough path for the coming months, Tucker also revealed his insights about the “many clouds” theory, the role of the network in cloud computing, and innovations that could change datacenter design.

Intel Xeon 5600 Invade Big Name Servers

Mar 29, 2010 |

Server makers embrace Westmere EP Xeons.

Cisco Containers Target Federal Market

Mar 15, 2010 |

Company delivers UCS-container solution to NASA.

Arista, Blade Win Top Spot in Data Center Switch Test

Jan 19, 2010 |

Network World’s David Newman takes a look at the latest 10 GigE switches.

The Tech Sector Trumpets Signs of a Real Rebound

Oct 17, 2009 |

A technology led recovery?

Low Latency 10 GigE Looks to Build HPC Cred

Sep 10, 2009 |

A focus on low latency is giving a new breed of Ethernet switch vendors a leg up on their competition.

InfiniBand Marches On Without Cisco

Aug 17, 2009 |

Other vendors step in to take Cisco’s place in expanding InfiniBand market.