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The Cloud Is Over Most People’s Heads

Sep 5, 2012 |

Recent surveys show that most people are woefully unfamiliar with cloud technologies., OpenStack and the Longevity of the Cloud Brand

Dec 1, 2011 |

For decades, the distributed computing architecture now known as cloud suffered a branding problem. Will the cloud label suffer the same fate?

Citrix: Cloud to Carry Xen Against VMware

Oct 27, 2008 |

Vice president for special products at Citrix, Ian Pratt discusses how the company hopes to make headway in the virtualization market.

Will Virtual Iron Stop the VMware Freight Train?

Oct 22, 2008 |

Although Virtual Iron launched a server virtualization product in 2006 — and claims 2,000 clients — its profile so far remains low.

Weigh Up Your Virtual Options

Oct 16, 2008 |

IT managers need to carefully evaluate their own plans before deciding which virtualization vendor provides the best match for their strategy.