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Making the Case for HPC Just Got Easier

Mar 24, 2015 |

A new study highlights the importance of locally available supercomputers to university research. Authored by a cross-disciplinary team of experts from Clemson University, the report provides compelling evidence connecting TOP500-level computing power with technical efficiency of research output. HPC users are well aware of the advantages that leadership computing confers in terms of competitiveness, innovation and other societal benefits, but policy makers require Read more…

Parallel File System OrangeFS Starts to Build a Following

Nov 18, 2011 |

If you thought Lustre and GPFS were your only two choices for a high performance, scalable parallel file system, then you’ve probably never heard of OrangeFS. We talked with three of the file system’s developers and backers to discuss the unique attributes of OrangeFS and how it’s being used in the field.

Clemson’s Computational Colossus

Oct 19, 2009 |

University brings career engineers to academic supercomputer.