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Barcelona Supercomputer Simulation of Super-eruption Sheds Light on Human Migration

Feb 18, 2016 |

About 39,000 years ago a volcanic super‐eruption tossed a volume of ash and debris equivalent to eight Mt Everest’s into the air near Naples Italy. The resulting ash plumes and rain between southern Italy and Siberia were so intense that their effects slowed the advance of modern humans in Europe. It’s thought to have been Read more…

Climate Modelers Have Insatiable Appetite for HPC

Mar 14, 2011 |

Since the dawn of high performance computing, climate modeling has been one of its most demanding domains. The hunger for computational capability is unending, as researchers work to incorporate more of nature’s complexity into their models at higher resolutions. HPCwire talked with NOAA/GFDL Deputy Director Brian Gross and Venkatramani Balaji, head of the lab’s Modeling Systems Group.