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Merged Dell-EMC Targets Hybrid Cloud

Sep 7, 2016 |

If bigger is better, the new IT behemoth Dell Technologies Inc. that combines the holdings of Dell and storage leader EMC Corp. fits the bill with the completion a $60 billion merger of cloud, storage, virtualization and hardware components that will seek to be all things to all enterprise IT customers.

Making Sense of HPC in the Age of Democratization

Mar 8, 2016 |

These are exciting times for HPC. High-performance computing and its cousin high-productivity computing are expanding such that the previous definitions of HPC as a moving performance target or as the purview of modeling and simulation are breaking down. The democratization of HPC has spurred a lot of focus on the impact that HPC-hatched technologies are Read more…

Penguin Computing Mines Commodity Gold

Jan 6, 2016 |

We recently sat down with Fremont, Calif.-based Penguin Computing to learn about the Linux cluster specialist’s unique approach to the HPC and hyperscale market, and how this privately owned company has managed to hold its own and then some against much larger competitors like Dell and HP on the hardware side and Amazon on the public cloud side. Read more…

Survey: HPC Storage Sector is Booming

Nov 17, 2015 |

Nearly one-third of storage systems spanning storage area networks to cloud platforms reached 1 petabyte or greater capacity in 2015, according to a user census that also projects more than half of installed storage systems will top the 1-PB level by 2020. The storage user survey released in tandem with SC15 by market watcher Intersect360 Read more…

Cycle Computing Awarded Patent and Launches Latest CycleCloud

Nov 10, 2015 |

In a show of momentum Cycle Computing today launched the latest version of its flagship product, CycleCloud v5, and also announced the company has been awarded U.S. Patent 9,146,840 for automatically detecting and resolving infrastructure faults in cloud infrastructure. The new version of CycleCloud includes a single dashboard for quickly and securely accessing and managing workloads Read more…

Moab Helps Canada Hospitals Build HPC4Health Cloud

Oct 13, 2015 |

In yet another example of HPC, cloud and big data convergence, Adaptive Computing announced today that its cluster and cloud management software Moab is part of a pilot IT infrastructure built to address the needs of Canadian healthcare organizations. The project, called High Performance Computing for Health Sciences, or HPC4Health for short, was formed to Read more…

IBM/OpenPOWER Seek Traction in Cloud Infrastructure

Sep 23, 2015 |

More is always better when building an ecosystem and the recent selection of an IBM POWER8 system (S822L) by French hosting and services provider Online to put into its bare metal cloud environment is more evidence of OpenPOWER and IBM ambitions to gain (NYSE: IBM) traction in the cloud provider space. Online, a member the Read more…

Is IBM Getting Openness Right? Yes, Says GM Doug Balog

Jun 29, 2015 |

The annual Red Hat Summit, held in Boston last week, is something of revival tent for open source where the pulpits are plentiful and so are smiling believers. Indeed it’s hard to dispute the powerful innovation springing from open source. The RH Summit, which started 11 years ago as a modest celebration of open source Read more…

Run Anywhere Big Data and HPC Workloads

Feb 9, 2015 |

A classical problem in software development is how you manage your software applications dependencies. This extends all the way from the time you program your application to the time you run or deploy it. The typical application is almost always dependent on specific versions of libraries, compilers or the OS level package management system. Organizations Read more…

AWS Rolls Out Haswell-Backed Instances

Jan 12, 2015 |

Blogging for Amazon Web Services, Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr announced the public debut of “Haswell”-powered C4 instances, further boosting the HPC horsepower of the EC2 engine. First revealed at the cloud innovator’s re:Invent developer conference in November, the compute-optimized offering is now available in seven AWS regions with more to be added. The new instance types can Read more…