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Tag: cloud computing security

Glimpses of the Brave New World for Cloud Security

Feb 22, 2011 |

Yanpei Chen and Randy H. Katz, both from UC Berkeley, discuss the range of threats to cloud security from multiple perspectives–academia, industry, government and the “black hat” community, arguing that history teaches us that developing security architectures early in the process can pay off greatly as systems evolve and accrue more disparate security requirements. The challenge is to achieve some measure of adequate and affordable security without undermining the economic advantages of cloud computing.

Cloud Security: The Federated Identity Factor

Nov 9, 2010 |

As the popularity of cloud-based applications continues to grow, IT departments will increasingly turn to federated identity as the preferred means for managing access control. The advantage is that it enables the enterprise to maintain full and centralized control over access to all applications, whether internal or external.

Top Ten Security Issues for HPC in the Cloud

May 19, 2010 |

Coming up with a list of the top ten threats and concerns in terms of security for HPC in the cloud is the easy part. However, putting that list in an organization-specific order is an exercise in prioritizing issues of not only security, but performance, applications in general, and overall goals.

1 Midsize Organization Busts 5 Cloud Computing Myths

Oct 24, 2008 |

Anthony Hill, CIO of Golden Gate University, debunks the conventional wisdom on cloud computing security, capital expenses, risk management, switching vendors, and service level agreements.