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Robots of the World Unite

Mar 11, 2013 |

European researchers have developed a cloud computing platform for robots.

2010 Cloud Platform Innovators: Amazon Web Services

Nov 10, 2010 |

While it’s oftentimes worthwhile to present awards to those who are providing a remarkable or innovative service yet still fly under the radar, when it comes to cloud platform leaders, sometimes going with the “obvious” choice is the only option–and for good reason.

The Role of Linux in the “Impending” Cloud

Oct 13, 2010 |

A survey-based report from The Linux Foundation and Yeoman Technology Group that was released looked at the growth of Linux in the large-scale enterprise space. It also shed some light on possible trends related to the role of cloud computing–and the role of Linux as an OS in a virtualized environment.

Pitting Cloud against Cloud

Jul 16, 2010 |

To help customers evaluate different cloud computing services, computer scientists from Duke University and Microsoft Research have developed a suite of benchmarking tools for comparing cloud platforms.