Tag: cloud pricing

Windows Azure Ready to Take on AWS

Apr 17, 2013 |

After a lengthy incubation phase, Microsoft is finally ready to release its IaaS product into the wild. AWS, look out.

AWS Reduces EC2 Pricing for the 26th Time

Mar 6, 2013 |

It’s looking like a race to the bottom as far as cloud pricing is concerned.

Warning to Cloud Adopters: Check the Fine Print

Feb 25, 2013 |

<img src=”http://media2.hpcwire.com/hpccloud/cloud_sun_150x.jpg” alt=”” width=”95″ height=”71″ />Central to the attraction of cloud computing is the “pay for only what you use” claim made by almost all service providers. But look a little deeper within the contracts and you will often find that they are not quite as attractive as first appears.