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HPC in the Cloud Research Roundup

Apr 12, 2013 |

The top research stories of the week have been hand-selected from leading scientific centers, prominent journals and relevant conference proceedings. In this week’s assortment, researchers tackle the distinctions between HPC and science clouds, present a way to use fuzzy logic to make clouds more efficient, and provide a review of grid security best practices.

HPC in the Cloud Research Roundup

Mar 15, 2013 |

<img src=”” alt=”” width=”95″ height=”64″ />The top HPC cloud research story this week addresses the question: What if it were possible to cheaply and easily test the suitability of moving to a cloud platform – a virtual “try it before you buy it”? In other items, researchers explore the reliability of HPC cloud, take another pass at GPU virtualization, and evaluate I/O performance in Amazon’s EC2 cloud.

Cloud Computing to Create Millions of Jobs Worldwide

Mar 5, 2012 |

A new IDC study, commissioned by Microsoft, predicts that cloud computing will create nearly 14 million jobs by 2015.

EU Funds Large-Scale Project to Build Cloud Research Center

Sep 9, 2010 |

BonFIRE is a 8.5 million-Euro project “aimed at designing, building and operating a multi-cloud facility to support applications, services and systems research targeting the Internet of Services community within the Future Internet.”