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Predicting the Next Cloud Boom

Jul 24, 2012 |

According to a new report from Saugatuck Technology, cloud-based business analytics is poised for huge growth over the next two years.

Department of Defense Lays Out Cloud Strategy

Jul 17, 2012 |

The Department of Defense has announced a cloud computing strategy that aligns the agency with Federal efficiency standards. It details the transition from traditional IT services, including methods to promote adoption, establish an enterprise cloud infrastructure and consolidate datacenter resources. Beyond technical details, the program also aims to overcome any cultural challenges associated with migration to cloud technology.

Madrid Workshop Explores the Business Case for Clouds

Jul 16, 2012 |

Cloud, as an abstraction, represents a flexible, ubiquitous and consistent platform accessible from anywhere at any time. Last week, the International Workshop on Clouds for Business and Business for Clouds provided the perfect meeting point for both industry and academia to explore the truth of this statement and further discuss how organizations can benefit from the myriad of available cloud models.

Cloud Helps Address Capacity Woes

Jul 12, 2012 |

The Uptime Institute has released its second annual datacenter survey. The data confirmed a number of long held observations regarding cloud computing, but also uncovered a few surprising results.

Amazon Bit the Dust… Again

Jul 2, 2012 |

Amazon suffers a double whammy during the month of June. Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram and others were affected by the disruptions.

A Crystal Ball for Enterprise May Exist in the Cloud

Jun 19, 2012 |

A growing trend in enterprise environments is the ability to deploy predictive analytics. Cloud services match up well with the requirements of these applications.

Mirantis, iSuperGrid Partner on HPC Cloud Network

Jun 4, 2012 |

The possibility of resource-constrained HPC workloads being able to tap into virtually limitless cloud-based resources is enticing to say the least, but in practice, they haven’t been a perfect match. Where HPC workloads run best on a customer-tailored infrastructure, most clouds are general-purpose. A partnership from iSuperGrid and Mirantis aims to address this challenge by marrying the flexibility of cloud computing with the complexities of HPC.

NIST Guide Helps Dispel Cloud Mysteries

May 31, 2012 |

Cloud services have increased accessibility to high power resources that were typically available only to large enterprises and government facilities. While the financial and technological advantages may be obvious, underlying structures that form cloud services can be mystifying to the end user. The confusion has prompted the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to publish a synopsis defining cloud technologies, including recommendations.

No Place to Hide for Personal Data

May 25, 2012 |

Since the Patriot Act’s introduction, many concerns have been raised regarding cloud services and data privacy.

Breaking the Cloud Barrier

May 15, 2012 |

New Microsoft report shows that beyond the expected financial benefits, cloud services may offer more comprehensive security features compared to in-house IT operations.