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European Clouds Take Center Stage in September

Sep 20, 2011 |

The second half of September is a ripe time to touch base with the European grid and cloud communities. This week we are attending the EGI Technical Forum in Lyon, France where grids and cloud computing technologies are shaping new paradigms for European research and science endeavors. Five co-located events during the week will give us a sweeping overview of progress toward infrastructure goals in Europe.

Above the Clouds: An Interview with Armando Fox

Aug 2, 2011 |

If you spend any time reading about scientific computing in the clouds, it is quite likely you have encountered the name Armando Fox at least once. Fox has been writing about cloud computing before the term ever emerged into mainstream computing speak and continues to be a prolific source of information about cutting-edge cloud computing research for scientific and technical computing.

Q-Logic Makes the Case for High Performance Clouds

Jun 21, 2011 |

Q-Logic is touting HPC as the future of IT, but sees its role as best defined within clouds where supercomputer power can be put into closer reach.

Grid Engine Gets a PaaS

May 24, 2011 |

Grid Engine’s new caretaker, Univa, announced a partnership with Eucalyptus Systems to bring managablility to HPC cloud users. This week we spoke with CEO of Univa, Gary Tyreman about what this means for Grid Engine users as they seek to allow the cloud to tackle some of their challenges.

Boosting Biology with High Performance Clouds

Apr 11, 2011 |

Dr. Asoke K. Taukder discusses the range of biological applications that can be run in a cloud environment and provides an overview of how high performance computing in the cloud can reshape the way research in the life science is performed.

Clouds Considered at Upcoming GPU Technology Conference

Mar 21, 2011 |

Cloud computing is on the agenda for October’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC ’11) following a year full of news and case studies highlighting GPU-powered cloud resources.

Calamities, Contingencies and the Cloud

Mar 14, 2011 |

As the dust settles, both literally and figuratively, in Japan following the series of disasters more comprehansive assessments of the damage are emerging on a number of fronts–human, environmental, structural and otherwise. While clouds have played an important role in allowing global sharing and collaboration the datacenters that support them in Japan were put to the ultimate test.

Considerations for the Cryptographic Cloud

Mar 11, 2011 |

Members of the Microsoft Research Cryptography Group describe the complexities of building a secure cloud storage service on top of a public cloud infrastructure, which is often not fully trusted by the user. Dr. Kamara and Dr. Lauter also shed light on key architectures that combine recent and non-standard cryptographic primitives and survey the benefits such rchitectures would provide to both cloud providers and their end users.

EDA Industry Leaders Build a Case for Clouds, Explore Limitations

Mar 8, 2011 |

Cloud computing has been a consistent item on the programs of a number of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry events. To add to the discussion we explored the current role of clouds and looked to the future with five EDA executives to gauge their sense of cloud adoption and the reasons behind (or working against) it.

General Electric Explores Industrial Applications for Cloud Computing

Feb 25, 2011 |

General Electric has been a pioneer in cloud computing in the large enterprise context and is making strides to further develop its industrial and research reach via the cloud.