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Amazon Climbs Into the HPC Arena

Jul 14, 2010 |

Amazon’s cloud platform got a high performance boost this week with the announcement of its Cluster Compute Instances (CCI). CCI specifically targets HPC workloads, incorporating high-end CPU horsepower and a low-latency interconnect fabric into the company’s popular EC2 computing on-demand offering. The new capability welcomes HPC into the most well-recognized public cloud in the world.

Amazon Adds HPC Capability to EC2

Jul 13, 2010 |

The announcement this morning that Amazon is offering Cluster Compute Instances for EC2 specifically for the needs of HPC users might just be that long-awaited game-changer when it comes to the viability of scientific computing in the public cloud. While it is fresh from a private beta and the results are promising, only time will tell to what degree users will snatch up this opportunity to have supercomputing power on demand.

A Game-Changing Day for Cloud and HPC

Jul 13, 2010 |

Reflections on today’s oddly-timed release of Amazon’s Cluster Compute Instances (CCI) which will doubtlessly make the cloud quite a bit more attractive for a wider range of HPC users. It came as quite a suprise to most but is some of the biggest news to unexpectedly hit the wire in quite some time.