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A Cluster of Queries for HPC Newcomers

May 3, 2011 |

Houston-based X-ISS sheds light on key questions new HPC owners should be asking.

NC State Completes Crashtest Cluster

Apr 4, 2011 |

With computational testbed, developers and researchers don’t have to worry about about breaking the supercomputer.

Air Force May Suffer Collateral Damage from PS3 Firmware Update

May 13, 2010 |

Sony’s decision to kill Linux on the PlayStation 3 is bad news for the Air Force’s PS3 supercomputing cluster.

Cray Adds CX1000 to HPC Portfolio

Mar 24, 2010 |

Cray has introduced a new line of entry- and mid-level HPC systems, making good on its promise to fill the gap between its CX1 deskside systems and XT mini-supers. Called the CX1000, the new machine makes use of the latest Intel Xeon processors and, from a performance standpoint, picks up where the CX1 leaves off.

Cray Brings Windows 7 to HPC

Nov 12, 2009 |

If you thought Windows 7 was just for mere mortals, think again. Microsoft’s latest OS is about to show up in Cray’s newest CX1 deskside supercomputer that puts a Windows workstation and a Windows HPC Server cluster into a single box.

Cloud Computing for Life Sciences

Nov 11, 2009 |

A special report from Bio-IT World looks at cloud adoption in biotech.

The Week in Review

Oct 29, 2009 |

Computer science students at LSU get a new cluster; and Tilera achieves the 100-core mark with its latest processor family. We recap those stories and more in our weekly wrapup.

Interview with Dr. Gaurav Khanna, A Pioneer In The PS3 Supercomputing Field

Oct 6, 2009 |

An astrophysicist builds a PlayStation cluster.

SGI Makes Leap Into ‘Personal Supercomputing’

Sep 21, 2009 |

SGI has launched a deskside HPC cluster product aimed at users looking for supercomputers they can call their own. The new product line, called Octane III, also marks the re-entry of the company into the high performance workstation space.

The Core-Diameter

Aug 12, 2009 |

How big of a cluster can you build?