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Mizuho Securities Delights Its Clients with Help from Intel Xeon Phi

Jun 30, 2014 |

New Xeon Phi-based system delivers a 30-fold speed up in calculation time “Sharing joy” with its clients in the form of outstanding financial returns, is one of the stated goals of Mizuho Securities Co. The institution is a member of the Mizuho Financial Group, one of Japan’s three major megabanks. Hiroshi Motoyama, President and CEO Read more…

Convey Debuts Second-Generation Hybrid-Core Platform

Nov 9, 2010 |

In an HPC market that seems determined to go down the CPU-GPU path, upstart Convey Computer may yet offer a few surprises. The company today unveiled the sequel to its HC-1 platform it introduced in 2008. Called the HC-1ex, the new system adds a lot more performance and capability, but retains the original x86-FPGA co-processor design.

ClearSpeed Sees CEO Resign as Cost-Cutting Starts

Feb 12, 2009 |

ClearSpeed Technology has announced that its CEO has resigned from the company.