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Open Science Data Cloud Receives Further Support

Feb 17, 2011 |

The Open Science Data Cloud project from the University of Illinois has received additional resources from the NSF to further their goals to create a unique cloud resource for scientific collaboration and research.

Ushering Biotech Firms into the Cloud

Feb 1, 2011 |

Biotech firms require vast computational resources and for those smaller companies, this means maximizing current infrastructure and processes as much as possible. Bruce Maches weighs in one a recent implementation, looking at the challenges and possibilities for these companies.

Facilitating Drug R&D by Collaborating in the Cloud

Jun 7, 2010 |

Given the costs and high level of risk it is common for life science companies to work jointly on research efforts. Cloud-based tools are already making this possible while still adhering to the numerous compliance and security requirements from the FDA.