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Oracle’s Vertical Line to Life Sciences, Healthcare

May 3, 2011 |

Oracle honed its focus on key markets to convince users that cost, security and compliance, are best handled in a specialized cloud environment.

Compliance Complexities Challenge Cloud Adoption

Mar 31, 2011 |

Cloud and infrastructure compliance expert, Shawn R. Chaput, lends his understanding of the range of regulatory and other constraints that affect a number of users of high-performance computing. This week he took a look at the challenges of compliance burdens and what to consider when weighing cloud computing options based on lessons learned during his compliance consulting experiences.

Data Deluge Pushes Medical Imaging, Healthcare into the Cloud

Dec 6, 2010 |

Within the broader field of healthcare, medical imaging is one area that is expected to grow, both in terms of the amount of money involved and the datasets that are generated. With regulations forcing hospitals to store all of this data, often permanently, the cloud is looking like the only the viable solution for already-stretched infrastructure.

Selecting the Right “aaS”: Hubspan’s Margaret Dawson on Compliance and As-a-Service Choices

Nov 3, 2010 |

Following her session on choosing the right aaS for individual purposes, Vice President of Product Management, Margaret Dawson discusses the concept of B2B integration, security and compliance for risk-averse verticals like life sciences research and financial services.

Managing Clinical Trials in the Cloud

Aug 24, 2010 |

To support large scale clinical trials, life science CIOs must deal with the challenges of provisioning and supporting vital hardware and software infrastructure. While there are a number of applications for managing clinical trials many life science companies are looking to cloud based offerings to reduce complexity and cost.

Compliance Complexity and the Almighty Audit

Jun 12, 2010 |

Is it possible that security and compliance will overshadow new IT investments? For those handling sensitive data, keeping up with regulatory changes has become a significant barrier to cloud adoption; throw in fines big enough to sink an enterprise for non-compliance and IT stagnation sets in.

Misinformation and Security: The Hard-to-Ignore Theme in Cloud This Week

Apr 22, 2010 |

There must be something in water. Or in the clouds–because for some reason, this week has thus far produced a list of cloud security and general sentiments surveys that have yielded similar results. General conclusion? We too often fear what we don’t understand fully.